New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
June 11th, 2011
All photos from 3Wide

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Birthday Greetings


Smiles in the #14 pit.

...more smiles in the Drayton pit.

Rich Kuiken Jr. in Buzzie colors

Bob gets back in the saddle

39 mods, 29 sportsman and 24 Outlaw Stocks

Mike Everitt takes the ride up Victory Lane Blvd.

Night sponsor C&M Automotive Warehouse joins Mike and the girls in victory lane.

Congratulations Mike on your first Rookie Feature Win

If you look at an engine long enough it'll gain at least 10 or 20 hp!

Big group for C&M Automotive Warehouse meets top modified driver Johnny Guarino during their pit tour.

..and here , Sportsman driver Will Dupree tells the guys from C&M about changes his team can make depending on track conditions.

Good sport Bobby Drayton lends a hand to young modified driver Rich Kuiken Jr after Rich ran into troubles in his heat race.

2 Seater Time

Modified Feature winner - Gary Butler

Car onwer "Big Artie" grabs the wheel from Gary and congratulates him on a great run.

...after a few rough weeks, Gary takes a minute before he gets out of the #00 to celebrate the win.

Gary give's Nick all the details...

Congratulations Gary

Gary gives his trophy to a special fan... Now that's one cool souvenir!

Popular Clay Butler brought the Cray Motorsports #4B in for the win in the Sportsman main event.

Clay is joined in Victory lane with folks from C&M Automotive Warehouse

Here's the crew and sponsors of the #4B.

Here's Clay with David Cray and friends of Cray's Electric

The "Butler's Did It".... That's younger brother Mike Butler who finished 2nd.

Clay, Bobby, Mike and their father Clay are joined in victory lane

Johnny Carpenter does the victory roof dance after winning the Outlaw Stock Feature

Johnny is joined by the night's sponsor, C&M Automotive Warehouse

County Line Auto Body, R&J Automotive, Jet Fabrications, Cassville Nursery, Remax Realty are a few of the sponsors that help the #82 get to the front.

Johnny is joined by Uncle Jeff

2nd place finisher Doug Debray and feature winner Johnny Carpenter have a few words in the tech area.

NES Tech Team checks the vacuum reading on the winning #82.  The theory is that an overly modified engine won't meet the minimum vacuum spec.  The #82 keeps the win.

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