New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
June 25th, 2011
(Do to a PC crash, I was just now able to access and post these photos from this past season - Hope you enjoy them.)
All Photos from 3Wide

 "TEAM1 does some work on the right rear

Lots of damage on the #9 of Herb Stout

It's go time.

Part of the 'Posse

No spare?

Funky Fourteen

Backseat driver?

Blown big block

2011 Rookie Champion Jeremy Martino

Mike Hendershot looks to get back out in the action

Looks like Rocco had some "help" gettin' to the front...

Rocco is in a groove...

Lot's of fans...

...Rocco's biggest fan!

Billy get's a word with his crew before climbing out of the #1


Behind the scenes...

Chrissy and Mandee join Billy in victory lane.

Even the kids know who's #1 around these parts....

Congratulations to "the Kid"

Bill signals for his team to give him a push out of victory lane

Another successful night for Team1... It's been an amazing year

PJ, Chrissy and Jessi

Mr. PJ and Mr. Phil

and a hug from mom!

Long time crew man George joins PJ

...Heard that he's crazy about her sneakers...

Congratulations PJ Oliver

Jessi, Kevin V and John Simmons get in on the photo op

Family Photo!

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