New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
July 2nd, 2011
All photos from 3Wide

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Thank's Ralph for "flat towing" the Jackie McLaughlin #026 all the way up from "Alcyon"...

URC Sprints on the card for the Forth of July Weekend...

Curt Michael is one to always keep your eyes on...

Becca Anderson usually finds a little something extra in the high groove at New Egypt

"Back in the Saddle Again..."

Billy pulls the K&A Excavating #1 back in after warmups

Frank Cozze Jr always makes it exciting out there...

The Reid Sod Farm #54 of Tommy Farrel

Rick checks the #7 out after warmups...  Always looking for just a little more....

...and the crew of the #7 jump right in to find it... with the Blewett #66 next door.  Lau"bach" is "back"...

Since finishing up at UNOH (University of Northwestern Ohio), Rookie Modified runner Danny Bouc has been fast in the Modified Division

Brad Freeman has become a steady runner in what's one of the toughest Modified lineups to be found ANYWHERE.

Richie Pratt Sr & Jr

Vintage cars in the house... Paul Weaver's #6A, Ed O'Neal's #63 and Stan Hawk's #17....

....and Lance in the original Les Katona #K3, next to Goop's #15

...and here's one for sale:  610-279-2473

...possibly the first time out for this good looking Gremlin...

Jeff Acolia used to drive at East Windsor... Randy Acolia drove at Bridgeport and now does the engines... and Rich Acolia has been driving the wheels of the Acolia Family #57!

The #6 of Mike McAleer wouldn't fire up for the heats, but he sure did make up for it with a great run in the consi.

Bitner power.

Art Liedl and crew change gears prior to heat race action

80's Modified Ace Karl Freyer makes a few adjustments

JJ Grasso is always a favorite to win "when" URC is in town... and that town is New Egypt

Kramer Williamson was "on the case..."

Former Modified racer (East Windsor Champ in 1991?), Scott Pursell and crew strategize after warmups

Speaking of Modified Chauffeurs, Joe Zuczek has a new look for 2011 with... not a #27... not a #50.... but this time, a #12.

Danny Sammons really gives the John Chemidlin owned #747 a good ride!

... On track action on the cool down lap found David Van Horn #71E (yellow car) making contact with the 1/4 panel of Jimmie Blewett's #66 (white car)...  I missed the green flag incident that preceded this, but from what I hear, Van Horn felt Blewett caused an earlier race incident between the two.

...After getting out of his car, David headed straight over to the #66 pit to discuss the incident

"Exhibit A"...  Front bumper of the #66

"Exhibit B".... mangled quarter panel on the #66

Crew members show their displeasure as David and Jimmie talk things over, but cooler heads prevailed as the driver's talked it over.  Lots of respect for how the driver's handled this one.

In the meantime, Bill hurries back to to the stands to check out the rest of the modified qualifying action and to keep an eye on the ever changing track conditions.

Rich Acolia leads Wade Hendrickson between 3 & 4

Fans enjoy a break near the McLaughlin #026 in the picnic area during intermission.  Thanks again Ralph and the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC).

With intermission over, and the track reworked/watered, vintage cars head out for their 2nd exhibition event of the night.

Frank Cozze Jr waits for the call for the beginning of the Match Race events....

As does Billy and his crew...

Mike Isles has been a strong addition to the very tough modified division at New Egypt...

First year modified pilot Dave Hunt picked up the win in his Modified heat

Richie Pratt in the Overhead Door #0 with "Old Glory" waving in the background.

WIllie and Billy

"Ground Control to Major Tom...."

Great 4th of July Weekend crowd!  Here's the view from the turn 4 stands....

...and here's the view down into turn one...  Like I said, great crowd for the 4th of July weekend.

John Simmons shows some love to Tom "Hairband" Hamill...  (I see a few other "suspects" there, but the names are being held to protect the innocent...)

Fans get to their seats as the call for the start of the "Match Races" goes out...

... The Match Races give everybody a chance to focus on the same thing... at the same time... and the excitement level is at it's highest....

Excitement shoots across the stands as Sammy Martz lays out the challenge to Billy Pauch, just 2 races in!

General Manager and Big Time Race Fan Danny Serano enjoys the match races

The URC Sprinter's take to the track for their feature event

Fireworks light up the sky as the Sprints get the one to go sign...

Josh Weller in victory lane after winning the URC Feature Event

Here's Josh with Family and Crew...

...and with some very happy fans!

The 4th turn Victory Lane was packed with fans waiting to great the winner of the Modified Feature...  But they had to wait an extra few minutes... Billy is congratulated by 2nd place finisher Ron Jon Koczon who drove an incredible race and lost the lead to Billy about 100 yards from the finish line.

The crew cheers as Billy exits the #1

Billy is on one heck of a roll....  3 in a row,... 8 wins in 13 weeks...

Congratulations Billy - Many of us "old timers" agreed, that was possibly the best Modified Feature that we've ever seen.

Congratulations to the entire #1 K&A Excavating Crew

Looks like Billy's got a whole 'nother generation of fans to root for him to go along with all of us that him been watching in amazement for the last 35+ years...

What a thrill... Billy gives his trophy to this young fan....  Talk about a souvenir!

One of Bill's super fan's presented Bill with a custom hat that said "The Kid" on one side and "#1" on the other...

Billy accepted the hat and out of appreciation signed the flag and handed it over!

Billy makes new fans of the sport every week...

..and always takes time in Victory Lane to spend time signing and accepting the congratulations from fans old and young.

Pretty cool sport if you ask me...  Not too many sports give you a chance to get this close to the stars...

... and here's the star folks.  It's never easy, and it never looks easy... but here we are again... with that  #1, and Billy holding the checkered in Victory Lane.

The team guides Billy back out after another perfect night (won his heat, won the match races and won the feature!)

Time to head home after another amazing night at the track...

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