New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
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PJ takes the first Late Model Feature

Family, Crew, Sponsors, Friends....

Gres Paving (Hamilton NJ) sponsors the #13xXx

Bob Rambone's #18 Crate Sportsman

Joe Dill has been "chargin' " to the front in recent weeks in the family owned #7...

Here's the inside of Gary Klimeczak's #11 Outlaw Stock...

...and here's the outside of Gary Klimeczak's "2nd generation" Camaro #11 Outlaw Stock

...Speaking of 2nd generation, Gary's dad Tony Sr (aka Tony K) was involved with with the #11 racers from back in the early 70's at Flemington (usually driven by Lee McBride)'s another "#11" that Tony K was involved with (check the hood) - that was driven by John Scarpati, in in this case by Al Michalchuk at East Windsor

Both Gary Klimeczak and Tony Klimeczak can be found racing in the Outlaw Stock division at New Egypt Speedway

Rich Steele takes a break prior to the feature

Not sure of the driver, but we like watching him wheel the #38 late 70's style Malibu out there in the Outlaw Stock division

..Here's what Scott Riggleman's racer looked like BEFORE the race...
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Good sport Tim Apgar can always be found running up near the front

"2nd Late Model Feature to the Backstretch"

Rob Ormsbee wins the 2nd Fast Track event of the night

...and it was Mike Lyons taking the win in the Sportsman main.  Here' Mike grins at his crew chief Bill Lester as he exits the car in victory lane.

Mike with family and friends

Mike's wife Irene joins him in victory lane

Happiness, and surprise all at the same time.  We love to see the kids having fun in victory lane....

In the Crate Sportsman, Ryan Anderson's #27 was first across the line....

, but was later DNQ'd by tech due to an engine issue (Bridgeport Sealed?)...  not really sure....

Howell NJ's Jarrod Burdge is all smiles as he climbs from the #189

Jarrod and family

Congratulations on win #2 on the year

When it was time to get the #189 out of victory lane, we couldn't find Jarrod, so we got PJ to back the car out of victory lane

...and the winner of the Crate Sportsman Feature is:

Jon Hagele

Congratulations to John and crew

Time to go home...

Your DEF Solution

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