New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
410/Modified "Jersey Rush" Show Aug 30, 2011
All photos from 3Wide

Interesting idea... Open up the pits prior to the evening's on track action... Give fans of all ages a chance to see the cars and stars up close!

Long time car owner John  "#747" Chemidlin and driver Davey Sammons

Billy Pauch's 410 ride for the night

Lance Dewease's ride...  (Where's the bricks?)

Marc Smith's #7M

Recent Williams Grove winner Brent Marks has proven that he's one to watch...

Greg Hodnett can always be counted on to be near the front...

Don C (long time Ron Jon Koczon Crew Member) stops by to say hello to Jack Stanley (long time Frank Cozze crew man).

"Get outta the way Don - I'm trying to take a picture of Cozze's Sprinter!"  (Told you I'd post it!)

Todd Shaffer now drives the #17... Pretty sure the car was driven by Tyler Walker in the first 1/2 of 2011

70's & 80's racer and car builder Frank Mangone catches up with old friend Ace Lane Jr.

Ryan Godown.  When the car's right, he's as tough as anyone on the tricky 3/8ths of New Egypt....

After a difficult 1st half of 2011, Jimmy Horton has shaken the bad luck and is running back up front where he always ends up!

Billy Pauch Jr. was on hand in the Atlas Paving #66

Dom Buffalino sets the jack under the front of the Michael Brothers #51M

Time for the driver's meeting... with Fred Rahmer, Lance Dewease (right) and Gary Butler, Rick Laubach, Stan Frankenfield, Mike Franz, Bob Lineman, Billy Pauch, Mike Isles, etc...

Former Sportsman racer Craig Paterson had his original restored mid 60's Sprinter on display outside The Vault in the early going...

... and fans of all ages continued to enjoy checking out throughout the evening.

....Good crowd on hand as feature time nears

...and it's JJ Grasso pulling into victory lane in his brand new ride... the John Pinter #92 "410 Sprinter!"

JJ is greeted by car owner and crew...  It's hard to explain just how good he is at New Egypt...  NOBODY runs the same line that JJ does!

JJ picked up the well deserved $5000 check that came with winning the "Jersey Rush" 410 Sprint Car Feature

As mentioned, JJ just picked up the ride in the John Pinter #92....  That's John on the right (above)....

...and that's John in the white driving uniform on the nerf bar of his blue #92 in this early 70's East Windsor photo.  (Photo by Ace Lane Jr. - Provided by Bob Hoffman)

JJ gives a victory lane interview to Flemington Speedway Historical Society's Neal Wilt

The crew takes the #92 back to the trailer after a very successful night at New Egypt.

.... Billy Pauch gets ready to bring the #1 up into victory lane after winning the modified feature.

... Pretty sure that's win #13 on the season for Billy driving the #1 sponsored by K&A Excavating (South Brunswick NJ) and Ling Trucking (Ocean NJ).

The kids join Billy for a great photo op....  (How many other sports let you stand next to the guy you just cheered your guts out for 5 minutes earlier?...None!)

More fans show their appreciation for Billy.  That's Buck Hurley (Ocean County Vo-Tech Auto Collision Instructor) on the right...

Billy told me... "We must be getting old - Her dad rooted for me when he was a kid!"

... and a familiar site to close out the night as Team1 takes 'er back to the trailer after another win.

Another great night at the speedway....

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