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New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
All photos from 3Wide

...check out the back panel... still room for a few more stickers?

It may be early in the night, but Jimmy is already thinking about what adjustments might be needed come feature time....

Under the hood of the C&S Equipment #6 driven by Mike McAleer

Scott Dugan renumbered his car to #343 to honor the 343 fire fighters that lost their lives responding to those in need on 9/11.

Work needed on the front suspension of Marty Derr's Outlaw Stock

Under the hood on Clay Butler's #4B

Usually crewing on the Drayton #09 Modified, former late model standout Kim Cooke gets ready to head out in a rare Outlaw Stock appearance.

Purple plastic zip ties or grape Twizzlers - You decide!  Actually, that's Sportsman racer Joe Funk's dad finishing up some work on his son's #14.

"Just for the fun of it.."  That's the attitude from Outlaw Stock driver and Fire Fighter and all around good guy Dennis Seeley as he gets ready to head out in his #52 Outlaw Stock.

Yardley PA's Wayne Bechtel heads back into the pits after the Sportsman consi.

Tom Princiotta waits inside his Outlaw Stock after picking up his first heat race win of his career.

...while Tom waits inside, his crew tries to figure out why the clutch stopped "clutchin'!"

Taking tire temps after the heat race run on the right rear of Bob Drayton's #09

Speaking of Bob, that's him inside the #09 with his "nite lite" on...  (No kiddin - Check it out!... First time I've seen this in a modified.)

We caught Sportsman racer Kyle Borrer putting on your own tearoffs... Come on Kyle... A top runnin' Sportsman and Crate racer like you should have peeps for stuff like this!

PJ Oliver gets ready to slide under the #13xXx to make some adjustments on the toe in/out adjustments

Powder puff drivers get ready to draw for their events

Modified driver David Van Horn heads back to the pits after participating in the helmet drive

With the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 on everyone's mind, a parade of emergency vehicles gett a standing ovation from the appreciative fans, big and small...

...And the winner is:  "Us!"  That's track hostess Chrissy who deserves all the credit for bringing some "beauty" to Brownie, Reverend Dan, and the rest of us in victory lane...

Rocco Infante is joined by Chrissy after winning the Sportsman Feature event

Rocco has some of the most loyal fans... He is on a rail this year at New Egypt...

Tom Hamill of Hamill Flooring joins Rocco in victory lane.  (Need some floor's resurfaced/refinished, give Tom a call at: 732-752-1241)

.Rocco doesn't leave much to chance... There's very few times that you can walk by his car in the pits and not find him tinkering with something...  always lookin' for a little more...

...and the results are there each week, as once again Rocco heads out of victory lane after another triumphant night at New Egypt.

Intermission... Now it's time for some REAL RACIN'

Nancy Leach has figured out a way to run the stand and not miss a thing on the track!

... look who's headed to victory lane...

David Van Horn pulled off a strong when over a determined Bobby Drayton and a chargin' Jimmy Horton...  What a feature...

After loaning his back up car last week to fellow modified racer Bob Drayton, This week, David and Bob battled it out through the final laps of the feature with David getting the win.

Congratulations David

Track GM Danny Serrano congratulates David on the win.  Races like that are good for biz'ness!


More smiles!

..and even more smiles!

Heading out for the Powder Puff races

Bobby Drayton (in car) heads out to the infield so his wife Sherri (on right) can take the wheel in the "Modified" portion of the Powder Puff events.

Winner Doug DeBray had no problem letting everyone know how he felt after winning his first Outlaw Stock Feature event.

Congratulations Doug

Sponsors on the car include Scanlon Farms and Harry's Garage

The crew's pretty happy about the whole deal too...

So is she... but I think she has her eye on that sparkle'ly blue trophy....

Time to head out after a nice night at the speedway....  There's no better place to be on a Saturday Night than at your local short track.

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