New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
September 17th, 2011
All photos from 3Wide

Lawrenceville Ford/Lincoln sponsored the night and brought along a few of their latest models for fans to check out up close

TSRSS 305 Sprints get ready to go green

Mike Lyons heeds the call of "Sportsman heats to the backstretch."

Brian Kuhl was chillin'....

Young Brian Carber returns from heat race action.

The Allen's - Chris Allen Jr on the right, his dad "Chris" in the middle, and uncle Lee on the left

A broken axle while leading his heat made it an early night for 2 time winner Bobby DeVault

Qualified TSRSS Driver's get ready to draw for feature starting spots.  Left to right are driver's Bill Case, Gabe Fox (with 1/2 a hat), Low Buck Chuck Palmuchi (with hat backwards), Kyle Reinhart (no hat!), Brian Carber, Phil Meisner,  Stef Palmai in the black driving suit and engine builder Anthony DePiano in the plaid shirt.

First time out for driver Adam Carberry in what else, the #47!....  Adam looked pretty in his initial run in the 305 Sprinter and will be a great addition to the series.

Now that's how a Camaro Outlaw STOCK should look... Like a STOCK Camaro!  'Looks like this one might have been a Z28 too...

Tom Princiatta has really picked up the pace in the Lawrenceville Ford/Lincoln/Mercury sponsored #32... Great job Tom!

Billy Wroble's Ready... (Say that 10 times fast!)

... I think Pemberton Outlaw Stock driver Brian Ludwig is in there somewhere....

With a possible Outlaw Stock Championship in sight, Jason Saredy was all smiles behind the wheel of his #14

...Not sure of the driver here, but pretty sure it's a #92 Monte that he's sittin' in....

Nice headlights!...  Chris Allen Sr. purchased the #66X from driver Ray Posik who is on the mend...  Get well soon Ray.

The "Whitehouse" White Lightning Special driven by DJ Ruppert and wrenched by DJ's Grandfather, Al Whitehouse.

Sportsman racer Wayne Bechtel...  Some will recognize Wayne's name as having provided some great black & white photos for our site from his days as a kid at Flemington...

The photo above (taken by Wayne Bechtel in 1976) inspired a pencil drawing by artist David Allen Graul, and was later reprinted as a poster for the 2008 Motorsports event.

Gene Stravinsky qualified the Advantage Financial #7A

Mike Lyons lets his hands do the talking when it comes to explaining what the car was doin' and not doin' to crew member Bill Lester. (Bill was last year's Rookie Champion.)

#3V of Kevin Vaclavlachek... Vachavlachek...Vaclavicek ... or more easily, just "Special K!"

Tom Wyckoff had his SS Sprint on hand as a way of remembering friend John Romano.  The TSRSS 305 Sprint Feature was run in John's memory.

With Bammann Power under the hood, the #77 is sponsored by Mist & Meadow Landscaping, and Marty's Bar & Grill, which is owned and operated by Outlaw Stock driver Marty Derr.

1600 Hamilton Avenue - Hamilton, NJ 08629 - (609) 890-9631

With Modifieds taking the night off, the "high rent district" of the pits was filled to the brim with Sportsman and Crate Sportsman cars...

Mr. Infante gives us a wave as Clay and Amy keep an eye on the "on track action" from alongside the pit office.

Mike Butler looks for a little more "gription!"

Danny Bouc topside and his father Gary Bouc in the basement...

Speaking of Gary, here's Gary doing it on the dirt at Flemington in a George Oliver built #32 from back in the late 70's or early 80's.

"Contenders"...  Top running Crate Sportsman runners (L-R) Kyle Borrer, Jim Housworth and Jon Hagele.  Kyle was doing double duty as he also runs in the Sportsman division

Matty "The Thrill" Hill took the win in the first Late Model feature event of the evening.

Matt is joined by the some of the folks from Lawrenceville Ford/Lincoln along with track hostesses Jessie (left) and Chrissy (right).

Here's Matt with family and crew of the #84.

TSRSS Sprint racer Stefanie Palmai talks shop with former Modified/SS Sprint racer Kenny Carberry

Stef also took time to say hello to the folks from Lawrenceville Ford/Lincoln and to answer a few questions about what its like to wheel  the #67K.

Little red riding hood stops by the #64 of Danny Bouc

With Georgetown raining out for the night, Late Model driver Mike Wharton headed north to New Egypt and was victorious in the 2nd Late Model Feature event.

It's probably a 3 hour tow each way for Mike and his crewmember, but winning will make the ride home seem a little shorter!

...and your 2011 Late Model Champion is:  ROB ORMSBEE!  Here Rob is congratulated by Track Surface Manager Wayne Asay and General Manager Danny Serrano.

Rob and the #19 team celebrate in victory lane.

Congratulations Morgan... The 2011 recipient of the New Egypt High School Scholarship Fund sponsored by New Egypt Speedway.

Last chance to get a few 50/50 tickets for the night... 

Rocco Infante left nothing on the table as he picked up the Sportsman feature event, and the 2011 Sportsman Championship - His 3rd!

Rocco and his father in victory lane.

It's a whole package, but Rocco made sure to give props to Bob Bammann of Bammann Racing Engines for supplying the power under the hood of the #JR1

Rocco is joined by friends and crew... and his really happy son (holding the sign)!

Tom Hamill of Hamill Flooring, joins Rocco and the JR1 Racing Team members.

Brian Carber picked up the win in the race named in the memory John Romano

Brian is presented the John Romano Memorial TSRSS Trophy by Christine Romano

Brian is joined by family and crew in victory lane after the impressive win.

Jarrett Rozycki brought the #57 home first in the Crate Feature, but was later DQ'd for having a 6400 RPM chip instead of a 6200 chip.  The 6400 chip had been installed specifically for the originally scheduled Romano Memorial Crate Sportsman Feature a few weeks back, where the chip was allowed, but the event was rained out and the 6200 chip was never reinstalled.... An honest mistake from the #57 team and they'll be back to victory lane soon enough...

Making it two in a row, your 2011 Crate Sportsman Champion is once again Jim Housworth.

Jim stands tall, having won the last 2 championships over a very tough field of Crate Sportsman racers.

Congratulations Jim!

"Jackets Required!"

Jim and his wife Faith in victory lane

Here's one for the Housworth Family Photo Album

In the Outlaw Stock Feature, Kevin Bifulco drove a heck of a race... and  ended up taking the crossing the line first ..... but....

...the #25 was later DQ'd in tech, with the win being awarded to 2nd across the line, Jarred Burdge

Jarred drove a clean race and picked up his 2nd feature win of the season.

...and as for the Outlaw Stock Championship....  This is what was left of Jason Saredy's #14 as he pulled the championship winning car into victory lane....

Jason Saredy - The 2011 New Egypt Speedway Outlaw Stock Champion

Jason is joined by Chrissy and Jessie

Mom gets a hug...

A moment to remember for Jason.

Family and crew join Jason in victory lane

Mom joins Jason in victory lane.

Jason and Jen may not be pretty, but it was enough for Jason to make his way from the back, up to 8th place in the feature to secure the Championship for 2011.

We remember John.

Twin 20's for the Modifieds and URC Sprints - Saturday, Sept 24th! - At New Egypt Speedway

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