New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
October 15th, 2011
All Photos from 3Wide

Rob Ormsbee - Winner of the 1st Fastrak Late Model Feature

Rob with the girls

Modified driver Stan Frankenfield brings the #8F back in after warmups

Uncle Rocco and nephew DJ

Blue on blue.

...I'm not sure if he ever moved from the last time they raced...

....Thanks for the ride Gene!  Good to see our logo on Gene Stravinsky's #7A

Not sure who was in the #11X... 

Darren McCaughey and Stan Frankenfield clear the air after close heat race action

Bob Nixon (kneeling) changes the right rear tire on son Robby's #00 with sportsman racer John Scarpati stopping by.

Jesse McLaughlin with a new ride

Billy Wroble brings the #23 in after his heat race

Qualifying early means you have time to make it nice in shiny for the feature

The team of Neal Williams work their "tire expertise" to try to get a hold of the smooth, slick surface that the sun and the wind dished up for the competitors...

Speaking of Neal Williams, here he is hot off a huge weekend at Syracuse which included a pole run, followed up by the win in the biggest Crate race of the year

The "Williams" name has been involved in racing for a long time..  Here's a #44 that was owned by Neal's grandfather with driver Ken Marriot behind the wheel

Here's another shot of a "Williams #44" this time driven by Steve Elias, with Frankie Schneider looking on the low side

Sleepin' on the job?

Double Shot of the Pondish Racing #6'es...  Mike McAleer in one, and Bucky Kell in the other

The Pemberton Posse races together.. but on Saturday, a whole bunch of them wrecked together...

...but what's great about the Pemberton Posse, is they all work together too.  Here the guys go to work on Spider Ensinger's #49

Duct tape... bailing wire.. grab what you can to get back in shape for the feature!

...this one's gonna need a little more than duct tape...  The team scrambles to see if they can come up with a radiator before feature time

... the "O" as in "Overhead Door was well represented on Saturday with Brett Ballard, Neal Williams and Richie Pratt (not in photo above) all wheeling their Overhead Door racers...

I think I saw this guy before...

Yup... that's him!

"Get the Knuttervalve... it's next to the Finnegin pin...  Crew does some work on John Stangle's #6 prior to heat race action

I don't think I've ever walked by Billy's car when there wasn't at least 5 guys working on it!

Jordan Henn's #77H Crate Sportsman

Sun starts to set...  Feature time is near

Mike Wharton takes the 2nd Fastrak Late Model Feature

Mike's rewarded for the long drive up from way, way down in Delaware

Mike's happy that he's better at racing than her team is at football!

Big smiles as Wade took his mom out for a spin (literally) in the 2 Seater.  Wade gave her the full experience... turning some pretty quick laps and then tossing it into a spin as a finale!

Despite the autumn chill in the air, a good size crowd was on hand to root on their favorites

....and in the first 20 lapper, in for his 14th win of the season and taking the 2011 Modified Championship is Billy Pauch

Ok.. so I Photo Shop'd it, but I wanted to make sure that you guys knew that it was "ROMA BANK" that sponsoring the nights events but that darn flag was in the way!

Billy, Mandee and crew.

18 kids.

Billy looks for the little guy that he wanted to give his trophy too... Where'd he go?

...Billy runs outta victory lane and track down the little guy...

Big smiles from the little guy (with trophy in hand), and from "The Kid."

Cinco for Rocco.

Rocco and son (with the cool rhino hat), with long time crew member Bobby in victory lane

Rocco picked up the checkered flag... and then picked up his wife Carol, who herself is a former Late Model racer and feature winner.

Long time sponsor Tom Hamill congratulates Rocco - (Nice hat Tom!)

First NES Crate Sportsman Feature win for young Jordan Henn

Jordan and track hostess Chrissy

Here's Jordan and with family and crew

How 'bout a hug?

Congratulations Jordan on your first win at New Egypt Speedway

Might as well get the little guy used to victory lane... just like pops....

Great way to wrap up the season as "Pappy"  Laubach took the win in the 2nd 20 lapper

Some say it was a tough year for Rick... but moments like this, and finishing runner up in Modified points tell me otherwise...  Congratulations Rick.

...grandparents get in on the action!

...and the car owners join Rick in Victory Lane

Rick and his Crew Chief in victory lane

Billy brings the #1 into the 4th turn victory lane area to celebrate his 2011 Championship with his fans

Barbara, Billy and Mandee

The kids are back...

...seems everyone wants a picture with the 2011 champ...

...everyone.... (That's the right sweatshirt to be wearing...)

....and so's that.

... 'here's Bill with a couple of his crew members

...and with The DeBlasio's (remember the #5?)...

Here's ya go...

...and with this little Eagles fan

Like I said... Everyone wants  a picture with the champ!  (photo by Jim Brown, but he did use my camera!)

Billy signs shirts...

...and pictures too!

Crew member Ed Harrington ends up with the bubbly...

...six decades of capturing racing's finest moments for all of us to enjoy - Ace Lane Jr

...and in the nightcap, Vern McLaughlin picked up the win in the Outlaw Stock Feature

Vern gets interviewed by Track Announcer Bill Sasser

Racing only a handful of times at New Egypt this year, Vern challenged for the win on every occasion.

Vern with track hostesses doubt about it, this guy can wheel a racecar.

Vern backs the #06 down the hill which closes out another great night at the races...

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