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John Romano Memorial
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We remember John Romano...

Good to see Sammy Beavers in the pits with the Rick Beaver's Excavating #94 that was driven by Justin Hoffman

Crate driver Joe Dill drives the Dill & Son's Trucking #7

Bill Lester heads out for Sportsman action in the #21L

 Welcome back Nick Leach.  An early break in the action allowed for the engines to be quieted and the pit gates opened to allow the kids to do a little trick or treat'in.

Young fans got to fill up their goodie bags with treats provided by the drivers and crews.

This little guy brought his own racecar

Meeting for the Enduro drivers

Kevin Belmont made a rare New Egypt Speedway appearance

70's driver's Ray Liss and Gary Roemer

Brian Roemer (Gary's son) gives us the thumbs up as he heads back out.

After destroying his car in last year's Turkey Derby, it was good to see Chad Barney back behind the wheel.

80's Sportsman driver Jeff Kuhl with an original Ray Liss (frame) racecar.

Speaking of Ray, here's the #10 Hayes & Liss Motorsports vintage car.

Good looking clean Vintage coupe owned by 70's racer Stan Hawk, true to win racecars often only had a # and the driver's name

Ryan Simmons with an original nose piece off of the late John Romano's #84R.  John helped Ryan get his start and Ryan's car from last year was the former #84R.

The best looking car in the pits.... Jon Hagele's #61

Big Ron Barnstead had hired gun John Stangle behind the wheel of his #No55

Neal Williams gets ready for the Crate Feature.  Neal "The Wheel", really gets around New Egypt ...

Brian Papiez get's some help from one of Darryl Carmen's sons who we are told will be driving his own crate car himself in 2012 at New Egypt

Crate Sportsman driver Joe Dill looks pretty focused, waiting for the call for the Crate Feature

It's "The Hagele's"

There goes Modified driver John Stangle in Big Ron's #No 55

Enduro driver Scott Riggleman with his Riggleman Towing #09 "Jersey Devil"

Demo Derby cars wait their turn... They're scheduled to be the nightcap.

The track conditions were excellent, even with the sun and a steady breeze.  Here, the Crate Sportsman take to the track...

Sammy Beavers and Billy Pauch

Sammy Beavers....

... and Billy Pauch!  (Both pictures were taken at Flemington Speedway sometime around 1977 or '78.)

Vintage cars head into turn 3 during their 2nd exhibition feature of the day

Wayne Weaver

Ray Liss

...Not sure who was driving Stan Hawk's coupe... (Burdge?)

The vintage cars of Jeff Kuhl #3, Charlie Worrell #24, Ray Liss #10, Wayne Weaver #17 and Tom Holding #5

Ryan Simmons gets ready to head out for the Sportsman Feature

John Simmons (Ryan's dad ) sends Ryan off...  The car features some of the same colors that were on John Romano's Sportsman

Vintage GTO on display/for sale in the picnic area.

Here's the info...

Jon Haegele has 2000 reasons to smile after winning the Friends of Mike Crate Feature....  It was one of the best features I've seen with Jon and Neal Williams battling down to the final corner.

Congratulations Jon and Elizabeth

Rocco Infante is congratulated by fast running Danny Bouc (who dropped out while leading earlier) on winning the John Romano Memorial Sportsman Feature Event

Rocco has proven to be the best of the Sportsman field...  And winning the John Romano Memorial Event was a fitting way to close out the 2011 Season.

We Remember John

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