New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
May 12th, 2012
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Marty Saxton wins his first rookie event

Marty with the hardware and flag

Marty and crew

Marty and his son in victory lane

Randy Bouc wheels the #32 into victory lane after winning his first modified feature event

Congratulations Danny

Victory lane for the Bouc family and crew

Congratulations Team Bouc on the first modified win

Time to wheel 'er back and get ready for qualifying for the regularly scheduled feature event to be run a little later in the evening

Vintage cars on hand

John Bokros' in a really cool 80's Flemington Late Model.

Tom Holding's very original #5 coupe

Cornilius Joyner's vintage mod

Stan Hawk in a former Dom Buffalino Sr car

Appropriately named by Big Ron as the "Goop De Ville"

Alan Pahulick's #37

Wayne Bechtel, sportsman racer and when he was a kid... used to take his camera to Flemington and because of that we have lots of great shots from the mid 70's like this:

Not only are Wayne's photos featured throughout our site, Wayne's photos have been the subject of drawings and paintings for future generations to remember the 70's at Flemington.

After breaking something in the rear in the first 20 lapper, Billy and crew thrash to get the #1 ready for action

...Some fatherly advice for Rocco

Speaking of Rocco, here's a couple of his crewman

Alan Bleacher inside his #47A

...and here's Alan's view from inside the #47A

Johnny Cornall waits for the call for his heat race

Marc Hermann climbs in the #21M

Kevin Vaclavicek next to his #3V with sponsorship coming from RAS Process Equipment (Heat Exchangers, etc) and Tara's Tavern located in North Hanover Twsp.

Bob Lineman, Danny Bouc and the #00 usually driven by Gary Butler...

Inside the #00 trailer with Gary Butler and crew.  Gary will be on the sidelines for a few weeks after a serious leg injury suffered when a failure in the driveline inside the #00 occurred last week.

Tommy Farrell's green machine with sponsorship from Reid Sod Farm and Ling Trucking

Racing under the big top.

Mike Howardson and Andy Visinski are ready to get towed off.  Mike would comeback and run well in the feature

Vintage driver Johnny Bokros get's belted into the #51M

Fan's check out the asphalt vintage mod on display in the picnic area

Vintage car's head out for their nightcap

Good guy "Lightweight Lance" heads out in an original Katona #K3 Pinto

Les Katona behind the wheel of the #K3SR at Flemington Speedway in this 1975 photo by Wayne Bechtel

Hanley Bros #9

It 'aint gonna win best of show, but Outlaw Stock driver Ed Tinsman Jr. really get's up on the wheel of this #38...

Pit racing with Gary Klimeczak, Doug Debray and Tony Klimeczak

As the sun sets, the cars of Billy Pauch Jr and Billy Pauch Sr are readied for the 2nd feature

gettin' the #51M ready for the feature

Uncle Rocco and nephew D.J... (DJ's grandmother/Rocco's mother in law is Lynn Whitehouse... owner of the #90 driven by Bob McCollough in the mid 70's at East Windsor Speedway)...

...and now you know why D.J. runs the #90 on his Sportsman...

... Will Dupree's #2D is one clean machine.... They even use tire foam on it prior to the feature!  Looking good Will and crew..

...not to be out done...

.... Julie get's the #44 modified driven by John McClelland looking good the feature...

Tim Tanner brings the Tanner Dairy Store #18 in after qualifying in the consi

"Hi Ho Silver"


Good friends Fred Voorhees (L) and Kevin Budden (R) have been goin' to the races for probably about 40 years....

Good group of folks hang out and talk racing outside "The Vault" during intermission

These kids thought it was pretty cool to take a turn behind the wheel of the #292

...and in the Outlaw Stock Feature.... the winner is:

....  the winner is..... #310.... and the driver is:

Bill Liedtka!

Bill has run Super Stock, Sportsman and now has found victory lane in the tough Outlaw Stock division.

Congratulations Bill

Family and crew members of the #310....  A very popular win for sure.

And in the 2nd feature, it was Billy Pauch Sr back in victory lane

Bill climbs out of the K&A Excavating #1 and gives a victorious salute to the crowd

Track Hostess Crissy with Billy in victory lane

...and here's the crew

...and here's the kids!

Lot's of young fans

There's no doubt about it... he's #1.

Brian Roemer gets his first sportsman main event win

Brian and family are pretty happy about the whole deal...

...and so are many others as Brian get's interviewed by Bill Sasser

One of the best looking sportsman cars in the field, and Brian earned the victory on this night


Family and crew

Brian and his #1 fan Kristen

The vintage Pinto heads back to the trailer as another night comes to a close at New Egypt Speedway.

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