New Egypt Speedway "Practice Day Photos"
August 28, 2012
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Racers Working with Racers...  Support those business that support our sport!

305's, Vintage, 410's, Modified, Sportsman...  quite a variety of cars taking laps on this practice day.

Stan Ploski climbs inside the #24 with Rich and Pete Miller looking on.

Quite a moment as Stan heads out...

The helmet and suit is different, but there's something really cool about seeing Stan behind the wheel of this coupe.

Cool.  The #24 was built by Bill and BIlly Lowden and underwent some recent modifications by current owners Rich and Lester Miller.

...just like old times.

Stan hasn't lost a step...

Stan was real pleased with the way the #24 performed right out of the box.

Great job by RIch and Pete Miller (above) and Lester Miller (not pictured) for getting the #24 ready for Stan

...not sure who was in Tony P's #175 410 Sprinter at this point...

(It's either Tony P, or maybe Gabe Fox... as both took turns behind the wheel.)

Rick Laubach gives a few pointers to Andrew Krause about doin' it on the dirt at New Egypt

17 year old Modified Racer and 2012 Feature Winner Sammy Piazza

Palmco Pits.... Stefanie #99 and Erika #5

... good to see that they've got us on board.

Goop with a Freddy Dmuchowski #303 wing....

...and a Cadillac grill

Gabe will drive anything... Crate Sportsman, 305 Sprint, 410 Sprint... Ford Bronco Push Truck...

Erika Palmai has become a very "quick" addition to the 305 division.

Younger brother Nandi Palmai get's ready to take his first ride in a 305 in a Stefanie Palmai's car (his other sister).

Felix Verlangieri in the #17

Dan  Collamar and his dad

...and here's what it looks like from Dan's office.

Sammy heads back out

Rich Miller gets ready to take a turn behind the wheel of the #24...

...and get's some advise from Stan

George Gareis and Robin McTighe

305 Racer Harris Cohen

George Gareis Jr gets ready to take the #27M out for a few laps.

Crate Racer Jon Hagele tightens the belts prior to taking a few laps in Tony P's #175 410 Sprinter.

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