New Egypt Practice Day - April 12th, 2008

Car's take to the track...

Dom Buffalino and Mike Howardson's rides

Billy Bauer's ride is looking sharp this year...

Last Year's Rookie Champ Danny Bouc with his dad Gary.

Mr. Bob

Tad Cox got a win last year in his #59 -  More on the way!

Dan Waisempacher was real fast last year in his first year...

Gary Klimeczak puts the lid on...  (Gary's dad "Tony K" owned the cool #11's in the 70's driven by Lee McBride and others.)

John Romano gets pushed out in the Tony P owned #175

Rookie Racer Kevin Vaclavicek in his red #3, just like his "Great Uncle Don" drove... (Don Stives that is!)

Always a championship contender, Rocco Infante checks the rear suspensionon the JR1

Phil Meisner found a hitchhiker...

Dom Buffalino and team try to figure out how to keep the front wheels of his new URC ride on the ground!

Billy Pauch looks on as Art Lentini and Ken Carberry do some fine tuning on the #47

Darrell Delnero in a very clean looking Krate car...  With a # like that, we hope he keeps it shiny side up!

Rich Wegner #22 Modified.... Think I saw 2 of these #22's...

Rumblin.. Stumblin... the way an Outlaw Stock should look, Brian Ludwig's #94.

When he wasn't behind the wheel, 's Bill Paulmenn was looking at the clouds!

Team "Allen" was on hand with Palmco Race Car Repair on the side of the traditional family #71.

Joe Lord in the Williams Bros Racing, Hamilton Auto, Gary Betsy's Auto Body #9 (Jim Lord's grandson!)

Good looking Papiez #93 Sportsman

John Burnett and Mike Lyons - There when you need them!

Heck of a place to put a sewing machine...  Tobias Speedster were on hand too...

Gettin' into your work...

Only Goop could make a Cutlass look like a compact!  Goop proudly wearing SJDR on the front fender...

"Raging Bull" Bill Bauer's #87

Getting the hook...  Slingshot driver gets towed back to the pits.

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