Opening Night New Egypt Speedway Photos
April, 19th 2008

Bill Miscoski and Race Director John McCaughey address the drivers during the pre-race meeting.

The stands began to fill early as fans began to settle in for a great night of short track action.

Kevin Vaclavicek get's ready for action.  Kevin finished an impressive 3rd in the Rookie Feature event.

Rookie Feature event winner - Not sure of his name but it looks like Gabe Fox on the roof.  He was very fast in this former Tim Tanner car!

Nothing subtle about Keith Fleming's #512...

A different view over the roof of Mark Forte's modified of the busy pit area in between events.

Great to see the very strong Bridgeport runners supporting the event.  Here's the Supreme Machine driven by Steve Bottcher.

Cozzes'  Frank Cozze Jr. looks to be a strong runner this year with what #?... What else: #44!

...No thanks guys, I'll wait for the next shuttle!  (The Cossobone crew has been known to mix in a little racing with a lot of fun!)

John Romano flashes by in the Tony P. owned #175.  John finished 2nd in the very competitive SS Sprint feature.

While some NES regulars may not be familiar with Rick Laubach, they certainly will be shortly!  One of today's best modified drivers.

Billy Pauch Jr. climbs out after the modified warm-up session.

Smooth running Rich Rutski looks to move from being a consistent top 10 runner to one of the "Top Guys" in 2008.

Quick gear change prior to the modified heat on John Miloszar's #32.

Jimmy IV in a familiar number for the Horton family.  Mary Kay cosmetics never got delivered so fast!

Tad Cox still employs Mutley to do the dirty work...

Crew member's work on the front end of Tommy Carberry's #28.

There's the familiar red #4 that many of us will always associate with the "Butler" name.

Here's a view of the "lower 48"...  Pit's that is - Even the lower level of pits were packed as teams utilized the entire pit area.

Refreshing to see a racecar where you could actually determine what type of car it really was.

More  activity from "down in the pits."

I wanted to look inside, but nobody could find the key...

Rick Cozze makes some front end adjustments on the Easton Auto Salvage #44 SS Sprint.

Plenty to think about if you get behind George Merrera's #97 Super Stock.

Good crowds throughout the evening  were found outside The Vault checking out the #5 of Tom Holding and #301 of Bob and Rich Caramella.

As night rolled in, so did the cool air, but a huge crowd stayed put to watch the feature events (check out those flags).

Chic Cossabone's crew readies the #7A.

#54X John Keller looks all set to head back out to Modified action.

Tom Wycoff's SS Sprint #77 - Thanks for the site mention Tom!

You gotta be careful where you park (lol)!  Look's like Mike Isles #711 was stripped, but no worries as his team had the wheels back on the #711 in plenty of time to make the call for the feature, and what a strong performance it was!

Billy Pauch took the modified feature win on this opening night of the 2008 season.

Quite a gathering as Billy waves some kids over to get their photo taken in victory lane.

Pleasant View Landscaping Jim Scheerer joins Billy in victory lane with a group of kids.

Speaking of kids, here's one of the sports biggest kids as not many have the enthusiasm for the sport as Danny!

Thanks New Egypt Speedway for a Great Start to 2008

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