New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
July 12th 2008

It was RJS Heating & Air Condition Night, and Ron Jon was very popular with the kids...

...and popular with others too...  If you want a laugh, check out the guy lifting his shirt competing for Ron Jon's attention...

All I can say is you should have seen the size of that bird...

Big Ron took to the track early to help with the run in process.  Teams Keller & Drayton helped with the de-claying process.

Track prep called for a lot of water which eventually lead to a great surface, but also meant that the crews had a lot to do...

Had some fun with the Bouc #32 crew as we noticed who was doing all the dirty work!

Flag Flying Brian!  You gotta watch this guy in his Buick Century rumble through the pack whenever the Outlaws Stocks run.

Speaking about Brian's, Here's Ringoe's Flying Brian Godown in his #10G modified

Jack is back.

Spider Ensinger has been running up front all year in the Outlaw Stock class.

... Found this kinda interesting on a 90+ degree July night at New Egypt Speedway

Talented Micro Sprint, Jasper Sprint, and now URC driver Chuck Palmuchi gets ready for warmups.

Speaking of former Jasper Sprint drivers, JJ Grasso relaxes with crew prior to qualifying action.

Scott Pursell (lower left) took a nasty flip in heat race action.  Scott was A-OK... The car, not.

Good to see the Pondish & Sons sponsored #6 on hand with Mike McAleer behind the wheel.

The welder had to make a house call to the #111 pit...

Over, under...  Chad Barney's crew was busy getting the 84B ready for the feature.

JJ Grasso does the group hug thing in victory lane...

Nobody... NOBODY has ever won 3 straight URC Features at New Egypt... 

That all changed last night.  For all you guys out there that remember how Buck Buckley use to dominate at Flemington.. JJ Grasso is in that same zone at New Egypt.  Driving the family owned and supported #37, JJ won by about 7 seconds (which using Sprint Car math is almost 1/2 track!) 

Talk about being in the zone, in victory lane, JJ said, "I didn't even know the race was over."

If you have a business, and you want to be on the wing of a winner, this is the one to be on.

In case you missed last weeks:
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