New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
August 2nd 2008

Richie does it again!

...Richie and crew celebrate after another win in the Cass Class Crate Class

Top 3 Crate Cars of Richie Cass, Big Ron Barnstead & Brian Papiez

That's right... I said Big Ron!  WIth help from Tony P and John Romano, Big Ron was as smooth as silk out there, finishing 2nd.  It was the most fun Big Ron has had inside a car since high school...

Tom Tomasko had this beautiful SS Sprint on hand for a few shakedown laps...  It's an eye catcher for sure.

The car was built by Carl Bettinger and Bob Lowery, and it all started with some steel and a welder in Carl's Fab shop...

The sun begins to set in the Outlaw Stock pits

Outlaw Stocks...  It's an attitude!

...Question:  What in the heck are those things sticking up from the valve cover on Dave Collamer's Outlaw Stock?

Answer:  Outlaw Stock Stack Sweat Socks... (Try saying that 10 times fast...)

Even Gary Klimeczak's helmet looks fast...  Some recent DNQ's have taken a few top finishes away for sure...

Plenty of work to do in the George Idell pits after getting tapped into a spun car in one of those "racing deals..."

Tad Cox over in the Dave Stonebreaker pits along with one very fast floor jack.

Vern McLaughlin had them covered with a very popular win in the Outlaw Stock division.

Todd Cray earned an extra $500 in the Super Stock Match Races

Todd poses with some fans in victory lane... That bunny ears thing gets them every time...  Speaking of "bunnys"...

...Here's Modified Feature winner Tom Carberry "hopping" out of the #23 right into victory lane!

Tom Carberry and crew. Congratulations Team #23.

Clay Butler brought the familiar #4 to victory lane.  (Yup... that's Oliver's grandson.)

Clay, with brothers Michael on the left and Bobby on the right add one for the family scrapbook.

Rob Ormsbee had them covered in the Super Stock Feature with another strong performance.

In case you missed last weeks:
Photos From Last Saturday 7/26/08 at New Egypt


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