New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
August 16th 2008

Track Owner Bill Miscoski (far left in red shirt near stands) has a family meeting... The "Racing Family" that is...

Some wondered if Billy would be there this week...  Glad to say the answer was "Yes"....

...and "yes" again as Billy had the #1W as a backup.

Bob Pickell Jr. volunteers to take the restored #300 up to the picnic area to be on display for the night.

Mud Makers!

A line forms to meet last week's Modified Feature event winner Ken Meisner before the on track action begins.

Fans of all ages really like this kid...  Thanks for bringing the car out front Ken and crew.

Getting ready for warm ups.

The best thing we could see this night was John Keller back on the job!

I guess football season can't be far away...

... what a combination...  "Dyn - O - Mite" and a few gallons of racing fuel!

An "enlightening" moment... Driver Will DuPree talks to car builder Carl Bettinger.

The "educator" himself, Mick Search tries to teach his carburetor a thing or two...

Sportsman racer Rich Steele gets ready to head out for his heat race.

Randy Yaple's #99 sustained a lot of front end damage in his heat.  Randy's dad Mark (blue T-shirt) and crew look things over.

"Meet you at the water cooler..."

Great to see former URC runner, now ARDC racer Andrew Hannula on hand.  ...Keep an eye on this kid!

Major work being done in the ARDC Midget area.

Billy Pauch Sr. talks to the crew of an ARDC midget team.  (Billy Jr was on hand driving the #49 and what a show he put on!)

Lots of cool headgear in the pits... 

Super Stock driver Todd Cray and 2008 Sportsman Champ Willie Osmun visit the tower suite to say hello to the crew from Vespia Total Car Care Center.  Thank You Vespia for supporting short track racing and thanks Todd and Willie!

Former flagman Kevin McElvaine was working the sticks for the night, and he still hasn't stopped smiling.  Great job Kev!

Speaking of smiles, seeing stock car legend Bob Pickell made many fans happy, along with seeing the restored #300. soon as Nicky announced that Chad Barney's fiancée
had won the 50/50, Chad made a beeline for the A-1 Trailer!

Winner of the Super Stock Feature, George Quinlan and the Vespia Total Car Care crew in victory lane.

Andy Martin had them all covered until a restart with 2 to go put Billy Pauch Jr. along side... But Andy held on for the win!

Tad Cox heads out for the modified feature...

Modified Feature winner Dom Buffalino in victory lane with former Modified driver, and Dom's Uncle, Jesse Buffalino.  Jesse helped Dom get his start a few years back.  Congratulations to Dom, Mom, Jenn, Uncle Jess, Uncle Tony, Uncle Billy, Tim "Red" Triggs, Shane and Heather.

Ryan Forte took the sportsman main in just his first year competing at New Egypt Speedway.

 Time to head home...  Another great night at the local speedway.

In case you missed last weeks:
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