New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
August 30th 2008

When it doesn't break, Gary usually ends up here!  Track owner Bill Miscoski offers his congratulations to Outlaw Stock Feature winner Gary Klimechek.  Another great Outlaw Stock feature guys...

Gary has a special victory lane moment

Jon Haegele brought the #61 to victory lane after winning the Crate Feature.

Here's one for the scrapbook - Congratulations Jon.

The original #15 Sportsman that Billy Pauch drove to numerous victories in 1976.  It is the original car restored to exactly like when Billy drove it.

Keeping with the true originality of the car, we realize how crude the cockpits of these cars were 30 years ago...

...Couple of gauges, gas on the right, brake on the left...  and a big old steering wheel connected to the front wheels with the help of some linkage and a few U joints...  This was the last sportsman car that Billy drove before moving up to the modified division in 1977.

J.J. Grasso works the pedals on the inside while his dad does some work on outside near the right rear.  It's really a family effort behind the #37 with results that has the higher funded teams shaking their heads...  Glad to see sponsor C n B Mushroom Farms (Avondale, PA) getting on board the #37!

URC driver Joe Zuczek in the "Joe's Sign's" #27z.

AARN's Earl Krause (blue shirt) talks with Lenny Sammons in son Davey's pit area.

Kevin Welsh's crew goes to work on the #2w after a nasty flip in warmups.

Many were thinking of Joe Pratt

Dan Waisempacher pulls in after battling with Gary Butler in Sportsman Heat race action.

Many have enjoyed watching in car video from John McClelland's car each week...

...well, for the heat race, Johnny Mac had his camera facing backwards to capture the action behind the #44.

Dominick Buffalino hops out of the #2b after qualifying for the modified feature event.

Fast running modified driver Jim Robertson heads back to his pit stall.

Miss Motorsports Tiffany Skias with track announcer Nick Leach... I have more photos if you're interested Nancy (lol)!

The Martz crew had the #3 dialed in and Sammy took it right to the front!  Congratulations Sammy on winning the Modified Feature event.

Unbelievable.... 4 in a row!
 Watching J.J. Grasso drive a sprint car around New Egypt Speedway is absolute perfection.  He is in a zone that few, in any sport will ever experience.  A great kid, having fun, in one very quick racecar.

Here's the family and crew in victory lane.  (That's J.J.'s dad holding up 4 fingers signifying 4 in a row.)

Who dat?

...It's Gary Butler once again in victory lane after winning his 3rd Sportsman Feature in a row.  These guys picked a good time to get on a hot streak!

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