New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
September 13th 2008

We tried to convince night sponsor "Mr. Bob" Bob Drayton to "Race the Truck", but he went with his #09 modified instead...

Archie Meyers brought The Wally Mark's #1and the original Tighe Scott Grand National Stock Car for all to see.

A few from inside the Mark's #1 driven back in the late 70's on different occasions by Pauch, Coffin, Taylor and others.

Lots of smiles from the kids with their bag full of goodies after touring the pits with guest driver Spider Ensinger.

In the pits, we took a moment to remember a legend.

There's been a #47 Carberry car in short track racing since the mid 60's...  Here's Ken Carberry...

...and here's Tom Carberry... doing what a racing family does.  Race.

Ron John Koczon got the Reid Sod Farm #50D out of the barn for a drive...  This could be a great combination....

Strong running Alan Bleacher took an impressive heat race win, followed by a strong run in the Sportsman Feature.

Under the hood in the Outlaw Stock pits...

Barney Rubble had a good view of the action.

John Salvatore's been running strong in the modified division in the #10S.

Rick Holsten won his heat and ran real strong in the modified features.

Todd Cray and crew get a close up view.

"You missed a spot"

Here's Bryan Papiez on top of his #93B in victory lane after winning the Crate Sportsman Feature...

... and here's Bryan next to this #93B...  (I still remember Bryan winning the Big Wheel races with his "Green Machine!"

Night Sponsor "Mr. Bob" with guests for the night.  Here they stop by to wish Bob luck for the consi which must'a worked.
Bob ended up qualifying in the consi and finishing 4th and a 3rd in the Modified Features.

Stan Frankenfield Sr does some work on the right front while Stan Jr. supervises!

Rich Mongeau wins the Outlaw Stock Feature again in the "Landshark #914.

Congratulations to Rick and crew.

Mike Hendershot "buttons" things back up...

... Speaking of The Hendershot's, we couldn't resist some homemade Mrs. Hendershot Brownies - Delicious.

Speaking of eating, we found 2nd place Outlaw Stock Feature finisher P. J. Oliver making dinner plans...

Mike McAleer get's ready to head out for the first modified feature of the night.

Pete Fogarty brought the #68 home in the top 5...


We found the answer to why Brian Ludwig had to pull in...  That tie rod end really should be connected to something...

Clay Butler keeps an eye on things. it's not a picture of a fence....  Take a closer look and notice who's on his side and what lap it is...

Yup... Frank Cozze got caught up in somebody else's mess and ended up on his roof.  Here, the #44 is towed back to the pits...

The crew goes to work on the front end of the smashed racer...  A call for the sledgehammer was made!

Repairs made, #44 is pushed back out into action before the green returns.  Frank ended up coming from the back to finish 3rd!

Which got us to thinking about something that happened over 30 years ago...  Seems there was another time...

When Frank got on his lid... and was then rolled back on his wheels...

...and after a quick pit stop, made it back out in time to go green!

George Quinlan in victory lane after the Super Stock Feature.

George celebrates the moment with his daughters!

For quite a while now, it seems like whenever we open the gates to victory lane...

...Gary shows up!  Congratulations to Gary Butler and crew (above) on your 4th Sportsman Feature win in a row.

... As the second modified feature began to wind down...  victory lane had a visitor...

John "Goop" Mondeli offers the broom to an arriving BIlly Pauch in Victory Lane.

After completing the "clean sweep" by winning both Modified features, Billy celebrates on the roof of the #1.

Nick interviews Billy while a large group of fans look on.

Billy invites the kids over for a group shot to close out a great night of racing at New Egypt Speedway.

...Time to head home.

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