New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
September 20th 2008

Bill Lowden Sr & Jr had the recreated Brenn Sr owned/Stan Ploski driven #24 Modified Coupe on display.

The "always" fast... "sometimes" retired - Mike Lyons!

Good to see John Keller #54X and Ron Barnstead #No55 (background), who have both recently had some pretty rough rides.

With the Modified Championship on the line, Billy Pauch had a little back up on hand...

...and a little more.

New edition to the Modified division this season, Dave Stonebreaker has been fast on many occasions.

...Now you know why they call it "Horse" power...

Andy Visinski, in the #214, is a graduate of this years rookie class, and has become a steady sportsman competitor.

Clay on the race cars sometimes means a fast track.. and that was definitely the case last night - all night.

Chris Lane's #88 was wearing some clay after heat race action...

First year racer Kevin Vaclavicek's #3 quit running while leading his heat...  Team checks over the ignition system.

"Talented Chauffeur looking for ride.  Has some sponsor $'s, will work on car, and can chase cats if needed."

Spare parts.

10 Gallons of racing fuel for the car, and a burger and cheese fries for Sportsman driver Jeff Geiges.

Carberry Racing.  The racetrack is many things...

...and sometimes, its the place we need to be.

7 gallons for a 10 lap consi...?  We've seen some l-o-o-o-o-n-g consi's!

You won't find a better group than those above, who exemplify what short track racing and teamwork is all about.  The crews of Jason Kosch #131, Bobby Sandts #$, John Bohadel #3.14 & Chris Grbac #47G (and you can add Anthony Moran and team #61M too) are there, as often as they can, and they are a key part of the show we come to see, week after week.

We had to climb up on the hood to see what was painted on the roof of the Steve Davis driven #13 Sportsman... but as Steve says, "maybe nobody else can see it, but Pops sees it whenever he looks down..."

Mike Howardson's crew takes a break after Mike qualified through his heat race for the Sportsman feature.

FIrst year sportsman racer Chris Allen Jr. sporting the latest in stylish headgear...

...Now if that's Everett Taylor working on the #P38, then who's that behind the wheel?

...It's Lou Farina, who you'll usually find wheeling the #044.

"Quad Abuse"

Kenny Brightbill makes some adjustments inside the Pondish #6B.

Suggestion: If you buy this one, don't make any changes!  Pete ran strong in the feature and brought the #68 home in third.

Quick visit to the SS Sprint pits...

Tom Wycoff brings the #77 in after Time Trials

Modified driver Randy Laird does a little carburetor work on the #96.

With a championship on the line, the K&A Excavating #1 team looked confident prior to the modified feature...

We found out that the coupe sounds as good as it looks as Bill Lowden reaches in to fire up the #24

The crowd takes a stretch break during intermission as the cool air reminds us that the end of the season is near...

Driver's Billy Pauch, John Romano, Art Liedl and Billy Bauer receive their Program Dynamics Most Favorite Driver awards.

Office Manager Liz Idell gets an award for her efforts in the Toys for Tot's program from the Marines and from track owner Bill Miscoski

BIrthday Crew:  Ken (back row right) celebrates his birthday with friends, and with new friend Super Stock ace George Quinlan!

Popular Vern McLaughlin and crew in victory lane after winning the Outlaw Stock Feature event.

John Romano with family and crew in victory lane after winning the SS Sprint feature in the Tony P owned #175.

While not competing weekly in 2008, Rob Ormsbee still managed to rack up 4 Super Stock Feature wins this year in the #119.

The #93B won the Crate Sportsman feature going away for the 2nd week... but engine concerns arose in the tech area.

The Frank Cozze Jr #44 was showing some wear and tear after the sportsman feature

Whitehouse Racing... Let's see, there's Al Whitehouse, Lynn Whitehouse, Carol Whitehouse, husband Rocco Infante, and:'s one of our all time favorites:  The Lynn Whitehouse owned #90 Modified driven by Bob McCollough in the early 70's.

'Only a matter of time before this gang found their way to victory lane...  And Dan Waisempacher picked a great night to do it!

... It once said "Bounty Hunter" above the wheel opening... and if you look close you can kind of see the "Hunter" part above

...and Dan earned the name as he took home the $300 bounty put up on 4 in a row winner Gary Butler.

Great sport Gary Butler (upper left) was probably a little disappointed to see his streak end, but couldn't have been happier to see that it was 'Team Waisempacher" that got to take home the extra bucks.  These 2 teams pit next to each other and both run Bouc Racing Engines.

The tech area was a busy place last night as the Sportsman cars of Butler and Waisempacher get checked out, while the #93B waits for a decision from their earlier teardown.

A determine Tom Carberry led well into the feature, but contact with a passing #51M with Tom's left front ended the great drive...

Keith Hoffman and team #51M in victory lane after winning the modified feature.

Keith had some special folks to share the victory with... Here's Keith with the kids, and...'s Keith with former Modified and Winston Cup driver Tighe Scott.

Tighe checks out photos of his "Scotty Fashion's" #28 modified and his #30 WInston Cup cars from the 70's from Vault Curator George Koyt's photo albums. (That's George on the left with the blue cap.)  Fans have enjoyed looking through George's albums week after week throughout the 2008 season, finding photos of friends and relatives who raced in the 70's and 80's.  It was great to see Tighe's reaction to Georges collection!

Time to head home after another great night at the local dirt track...  Just one thing left to do:

Gotta Go to Wawa!

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