New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 May 30th, 2009

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... Looked like perhaps the inside barriers got a facelift.  That's Jimmy Watt's wheelie'n his way through turns 3 & 4 in Sportsman action.

Whitehouse Racing makes a few adjustments prior to Sportsman Feature action.  Driver D.J. Ruppert won his 4th Rookie Feature in the #90 earlier in the night.

Ryan Tidwell in the #9C Modified out of the Carberry Racing Stable

Minus the right rear tire, here's J. Henry Doer's home built Camaro.  Henry took an original '77 Camaro and built it exactly to the rules... Nice metal Henry!

...speaking of original bodies, here's a mid 80's Monte with factory hood, roof, trunk, fenders, doors and quarters... That's Kenny Guyer on the right.

Scott Dugan's Monte SS.  Everything's stock except maybe the blue painter's tape!

Here's Dan Collamar's Old's 1980 Olds Cutlass...

Hated to see the always strong running Pat Conaway get twisted up in heat race action... Pat, and his cool Camaro, is what Outlaw Stock is all about.

The paint job on Ryan Hoffman's rookie Sportsman reminded us of The Norcia #81...  All it needs is a black horse on the 1/4! (look below)

Look's like the kids are trying to convince photographer Jim Brown that quads are for kids!

Here's the Mongeau Motorsports Team:  Joe in the black and yellow Monte #91, Shannon in the Camaro, and Rich in the black Monte in the background.

A view of Rick Laubach's Teo prior to the modified feature

"Moon Over Martz"

Sportsman driver Mike Howardson lets everyone know what's behind his racing efforts on the #17H....

"Gasman 44" Jack Stanley puts the tape on to keep the dirt out on the right rear of the Cozze #44

"Generation Next" driver's Frank Cozze Jr and John Guarino doing a fine job representing the "youth" movement in today's Modified racing...

Tim Tanner's #18 with a few new sneakers prior to the feature...

"The Sod Hot Rod" written across the the roof flap on Ron Jon Koczon's #7...  Ron Jon was sailing around the high side in the late stages of the modified feature!

While everyone headed back to their seats for the modified feature, I had a chance to take a picture of the Flemington signs provided for The Vault by "Goop" - Thanks Goop!

Speaking of the crowd, a good crowd was on hand to enjoy the multi groove racing that was common throughout the entire night.

Joe Mongeau took the Outlaw Stock feature win by a fender over a strong running Vern McLaughlin...  Great race guys.

Pat Conaway stopped by to offer his congratulations to Joe on his first win.

Pat Wall used the high groove to make his way to the front in the Sportsman Feature.

That's strong running SS Sprint/Sportsman driver John Romano joining fellow competitor and "neighbor" Pat Wall in victory lane.

"Kids" in Victory Lane.

Billy's crew guides him out of victory lane...  When the track has bite, it's hard to bet against "The Kid" and the K&A Excavating Crew....

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