New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
"Legends Night"
 July 25th, 2009
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Legends Night at New Egypt 2009...  Cool cars were just the start...

The Dornberger #99 - Driven by Billy Pauch, Meme Desantis and Billy Osmun.... 

Here's an original restored Weld car - Once driven by Bobby Braxton, now owned by Larry Housman.

We floated the idea of having Stan get behind the wheel of the recreated #24 coupe...  Maybe next time!

Larry Sullivan's restored "A" car from the mid 80's - Originally owned by Barry Schenck and driven by Al Michalchuk. (Body by Billy Lowden/Lettered by Cos.)

Butch Colisimo's #40 reminds us that New Egypt was an asphalt track for many years (prior to 1998).

Fan's line up to speak to the Legends...

...and line up, they did!

East Windsor and Bridgeport Legend Johnny Leach has a laugh when Johnny's long time crewman Rich Swangler (with black shirt standing) asks for his autograph...

Fans had a chance to say hello and to have their Legend's Night 2009 Poster's signed by all driver's on hand.

Fans enjoyed a chance to say hello to "Stan The Man" in person, and to say thanks for all the thrills...

#303 Fred Dmuchowski signs an autograph for this young fan...

Small block ace Newt Hartman signs a Flemington Program...

"...and here's your feature line up....  On the pole - Stan Ploski.. Alongside of Stan - Billy O.... Inside second row, Bobby Pickell... alongside Pickell - Bob Rossell!"

These two were laughing it up throughout the entire signing session....  There's a respect that comes from good competition....

...driver of the #2, #A02, #44, #80, #300... just to name a few:  Legend Bob Pickell!  (That's Goop's Flemington Pace Truck in the background too...)


Bob Rossell, Bob Pickell and car owner Dick Cozze (standing).

Kid's of all ages enjoyed the opportunity to say hello to the legends...

...Like I said... kids of all ages...  Here's 1998 NES Track Champion Roger Laureno laughs it up with track announce Nicky Leach.

...speaking of legends...  here's a few legends from this side of the fence!  (Vault Visitors from left to right - Kevin, Jeff and Fred V.)

2008 Syracuse Champion Frank Cozze came out of the pits for the occasion...

Billy Pauch also stepped out of his modified long to be a involved in the Legends event too.

Fred Dmuchowski, Johnny Leach, Billy Pauch, Newt Hartman, Roger Laureno...  Lots and lots of stories...

A very special moment as "Billy O" adds his name to the roof of the Joe Pratt restored original Dornberger #99...

...and while he had the pen out, Ken Brenn Jr. got his poster signed too!

Roger Laureno talks shop with Vintage Sprint Car owner Craig Paterson.

Legends... Cool Cars...  and plenty of racing still to go...

Jon Hagele in victory lane with Stan Ploski after capturing the feature win in the Crate Sportsman Class...

...and in the modifieds, ... well, the shirt say's it all...

"The Kid" is very popular with the kids...

...looks like Billy's got another new fan!

After making its "debut" its time to put the "A" car on the trailer for the long ride home.  Thank you Larry Sullivan and the boys from Reading for bringing it out...

Speaking of "time to go home", Jesse got to steer the Al Michalchuk restored, Craig Patterson owned #92 Vintage Sprinter onto the trailer... Thanks Craig!

Thanks to all the drivers, car owners and the staff of New Egypt Speedway for making Legends Night 2009 a special night for all.

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