New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 August 15th, 2009
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Frank Cozze Jr's #44C catches a few rays...

Looks like some "wild wrenchin" going on on "Wild Bill's" #310 Sportsman

The JR-1 has really been "dialed" in lately... and we took this photo of the guy whose been doing most of the "dialing"...

Graduate from last year's Rookie class, Sportsman driver Andy Visinski in the #214

Fueling up the Richie Pratt driven #0

S.S Sprint owner Tony P. talks to driver's Frank Cozze Jr. and John McClelland

S.S. Sprint driver's Lee Taylor and Rob Pfister along with short track supporter/sponsor and huge racing fan Tom Hamill of "Hamill Flooring.

Jackson, NJ's Ian Borden in the Professional Design Services (Consuting Engineers) sponsored #7 S.S. Sprint.

Former Flemington Late Model racer Jeff Davis has traded in the fenders in recent years in favor of "open wheel"

First class all the way.... Can't find a nicer guy in the pits than Sprint racer John Wyers.

Under the hood of Rich Mongeau's Outlaw Stock Monte Carlo

Rich found a broken rocker arm to be the reason why his "8 cylinder" decided to be a "7 cylinder" during Outlaw Stock heat race action.

Former Sportsman competitor Rob Pfister has found a fun way to get back into racing...  Neat looking S.S. Sprint there Rob...

Rob Petry sporting a wide 5 X 5 wing on his Sprinter.

John Salvator does a little work on the front end of the #10 prior to the start of the Modified Feature.

Here's John's Modified with "Salvatore Automotive" of Middlesex, NJ on the hood.  "Salvatore Automotive, voted #1 in Middlesex County (by me!)  Great repair shop!

...could be the most underrated modified driver at New Egypt... Veteran Ken Carberry absolutely fly's around New Egypt in the family numbered "47"

Last year's sportsman champion Willie Osmun has stepped up to the mighty modified class for 2009.

The Crew of the #14 finishes up just in time for the #14 to roll out for the Modified Feature

...I first thought modified driver Rich Rutski was going skuba diving....  Rich, is a car owner's dream as he often finishes up front, and usually brings 'er home in one piece!

Let's see... track run in.... 30 lap feature...  a couple of yellows...  a couple more yellows..., "Yup, that ought to be enough fuel!"

Once the helmet is on, there's nobody more focused than the "Un-intimidated" Rick Laubach...  He's something to watch at New Egypt Speedway...

Bobby Drayton better watch out as it looks like this new hired gun for "Team Drayton" has some pretty good moves... (lol)

Mike Krachun heads through the pits in his beautifully colored #17k...

...time to head back up to the stands to watch the modified feature.

Wet track... dry track..., tacky track... slick track..., Same result.  Billy earned every bit of this win after passing a flying Frank Cozze Jr. with just a few laps to go...

Billy's first words to us in victory lane was to compliment young Frank Cozze Jr.... "That kid drove his ass off!"

The team of the K&A Excavating #1.  That's Dave DeBlasio next to Billy in the white shirt (from the DeBlasio #5 that Billy won a lot of races at Flemington in the '80's).

Billy with car owner, and owner of the K&A Excavating #1 Kevin Bifulco.  Kevin also drives in the Outlaw Stock division as you'll see later...

Billy's daughter Mandee Pauch joins her dad in victory lane.  Mandee would later borrow the "family car" to win her Powder Puff race later in the evening...

Section Sixer's join their favorite driver in victory lane...AGAIN!

When Billy wins, the kids know that it's Showtime!  (I think Billy's back there somewhere...)

Based on the shirt he's wearing, I'd say this little guy is right where he was hoping to be!

Speaking of shirts, nice gesture by the team of the #1 to hand out kid size T-Shirts to all the youngsters in victory lane...  Thanks Billy, Mandee, Kevin and all involved.

John Wyer's in victory lane in the Wyer's Trucking/Villiage Card & Gift Hallmark (Mamora, NJ) #87.

John had one of those "16 lap" tires on the right rear... Good thing the feature was only 15 laps!

As far as victory lane goes, getting there has been easy for John.... Leaving victory lane?, well... that's another story!

Rocco Infante and team have officially opened up a can of "Ford Whoopazz"... as the JR-1 with Rocco at the wheel continues to be the class of the field.
(This just in... our sources are telling us that there's been Chevy power under the hood of the JR-1 for the last few weeks.  Stay tuned...

Outlaw Stock driver Kevin Bifulco wheels his #19 into victory lane.

No stranger to victory lane as a car owner, Kevin drove his way to the front... and then to the front again to win the Outlaw Stock feature.

Good sport Kevin (left) announced to Track Owner Bill Miscoski (right) that he wanted to donate his feature winnings to "Racing for Romano"...  Nice job Kev.

On To The Powder Puff Events. 

Is it my imagination or does the "crew chief" above look more nervous than the driver!  (No secret here... we play favorites here in The Vault, and team #09 are favorites!)

Kevin Vaclavicek was running 3rd in the Sportsman feature and caught one of the edges along on the inside blocks in turn 2... Looks like no powder puff racing tonight...

...but wait...  Since the #3 of Kevin Vaclavicek couldn't be fixed, Team Marcucci offered their #8C instead for the Powder Puff event.  Thanks Jeff Marcucci.

We didn't get a list of the Powder Puff racers, but here's a few more drivers in their team cars prior to the start of their events:


"Going Up"...  Not sure of the name of the fellow with the flames on his shirt, but Vault thanks to him as we've seen him lend a hand to many other teams...  Good guy.

Time to head home as the K&A Excavating Team loads up the #1 after a great night at the speedway.  Congratulations Billy, Kevin and Mandee on your wins.

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