New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
September 19th, 2009
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Race fans head into the speedway on a beautiful late summer night for an exciting night of racing...

... and also, a time to remember John Romano Jr.

All were glad to see Kristine Romano (with a very tired John Matthew) and John's good friend Jimmy Brown.

The drivers, crews and track staff all stand together as track owner Bill Miscoski addresses the crowd:

"It wasn't long ago when the track was going through a difficult time that John would come by the office and talk to Danny (General Manager Danny Serrano) and me and remind us how important the speedway was... And how no matter what, to never give up....

John would want us to race...and we'll never forget that.  And we'll never forget John Romano."

Bill's right; John would want us to race, and... we'll never forget John.

Some beautiful vintage cars were on display from the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club including Butch Colosimo's asphalt #40 Pinto.

Here's Ken Pullen's "Bug" style modified that was very popular out in PA in the 60's and early 70's.

... The coupes and sedans are cool, but to some the mid 80's is the sweet spot when it comes to vintage...  Here's a great example of a mid 80's car.

There had to be at least 20 bikes donated by some very generous racers, raceteams, etc...  Thanks to all involved!

John McClelland's #44...

Art's Radiator (on Willie Osmun's #14) offered up a radiator and overflow tank for a raffle with all proceeds going to John's Family... Thank's Artie.

Mick Search was the winning bidder for 4 tickets (including Hospitality Tent) to the NASCAR race in Louden, (with the proceeds from the auction going to John Romano's Family).  Mick then made somebody's day by giving away the tickets to a fan that would be able to attend.  The tickets were provided for auction from Lew at Down's Ford (Sponsor of the SS Sprint Division).  Thanks Lew (Down's Ford) and thanks to Mick Search.

Crate Sportsman driver Gabe Fox gets ready for heat race action.

1980 Flemington Modified Champion Larry Kline helps out under the hood of the Rich Rutski #41 Modified.

Bobby Sandt and crew makes a few adjustments prior to his scheduled heat race...

Billy Lowden was in town with his #1L Modified, and...

... he also brought along the Ken Brenn replica to run in the vintage exhibition.  Man does that #24 look cool and sound cool broadsliding through the corners!

Speaking of vintage, here's the original Bob Banghart #B6...

... and speaking of "original", here's the original Bob Banghart, pilot of the #B6 at Flemington back in the mid 70's!

...and while we're talking about original, here's an original Richie Pratt car (that may have been a former Leach/Yaple #99), this time being driven by Richie Cass Jr.  While it may not win "best of show", it looked cool as hell rumblin' around the speedway in exhibition action!

Woody Nyce gets ready to head out for the first of 2 scheduled on track vintage events.

Here's an original John Blakely #3.  Thanks GSVSCC members for adding to the show.

Shawn McCaughey inside the #301 Super Stock.

Steve Haggan's #20 Modified.  Steve ran a strong second in his heat, in what has become a very difficult division to qualify for in 2009 at New Egypt Speedway.

Joe Inglin's back after taking a few years off following some very successful years at the now closed Flemington Speedway.

Mike McAleer gave the C&S Equipment Company/Robert T. Pondish & Sons Contractor's #6 a great ride, finishing 5th in the very tough modified feature.

Middletown runner Jimmy Spellmon brought his #28 down to run in the Crate Sportsman division.

Butch Colosimo looks like he picked up a hitch-hiker as he brings his #40 in from the display area.

Ken Pullen brings the #50 in as well.  Thanks to Butch, Ken and Brian for having their cars in the picnic area for fans young and old to check out!

Speaking of young fans, congratulations to Chris Grbac on your new wheels!

Billy Pauch climbs out of the K&A Excavating #1 after capturing his 80th career feature win at New Egypt Speedway.

Visiting from Ohio, Billy thanks Larry Benson, (former owner of Hopewell Sunoco) who Bill told us was one of his very first sponsors, beginning in 1975!.

It's a little blurry, but it say's "Hopewell Sunoco" where the blue meets the roof on Billy's first car below, and on the Gremlin bodied car below that, which we think was one of Billy's first big block cars.

(Top black & white photo provided by Richard Guy, photo above provided by Michael Clissold/photo by Michael Clissold)

Billy also got a chance to thank current sponsor "Rees Powell Wood Floor Co.

...and then these guys showed up... The crew from Section 6 had plenty to smile about.

Rob Ormsbee in victory lane following his feature win, putting him tops on the all time Super Stock feature winners list.

The #175 SS Sprint car paces the field prior to the start of the Crate Sportsman Feature in honor of John Romano...

Last year's Rookie Champion Gabe Fox climbs out of his #96... and into victory lane.

Congratulations Gabe on your Crate Sportsman feature win.

Current Crate Sportsman points leader Jon Haegele congratulates Gabe.

"You'll Always Race Here"

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