New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 September 30, 2009
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BIlly Pauch Jr. was on hand for the special mid week show in the Pioneer Pole Barn #8.

"Rocco" really "rolled" through the Sportsman division this year...  Always a contender for the win...

New look for Jimmy Horton IV

That's Vault favorite Charlie Gunther and son Sean with the Steve Davis' #13.

With a championship on the line, Team 20 makes a few final adjustments prior to the start of the modified feature.

Night sponsor "Mr. Bob" (modified driver Bobby Drayton) and crew talk to track owner Bill Miscoski.

John Stangle gets the #901 feature ready

My nominee for most exciting driver of the year...  Frank Cozze Jr.

Rich Acolia gets ready to head out in the Superior Engines #57

Brian Ludwig's #94 Camaro... Powered by the Energizer bunny.

Dan Collamar's with some good looking stock sheet metal on his new Outlaw Stock.  Thanks for keeping the stock look Dan!

Site sponsor Hamill Flooring shows up in the darned'st places.... 

Who's that in victory lane?

...Mike Lyons (only racing part time in 2009) scored his first Sportsman Feature event win of the year.

Mike and the whole crew enjoy the moment.  That's Marc Herman in the white t-shirt who took a wild ride in his #3 modified.

Time to decide the 2009 Modified Championship....

A lap 12 pile up finds point leader Billy Pauch being towed into the pits after getting upside down in a big pileup in turn 1.

The K& A Excavating crew (and members of other crews) thrash to get the car back out without losing a lap as Billy sits inside the car with helmet on...

Without losing a lap, Billy heads back out to battle, but there's still a lot of damage on the front end of the #1...

...the green comes out, and Billy makes it as far as turn 3...  The car spins, and Billy brings it back the pits with a right front flat...

...The crew changes the RF, but there's still a lot of damage there, but no time to fix it...  They're going green next time by!

Billy heads back out... again, without losing a lap!

Billy only makes it as far as turn 1 when the car spins once again....  The car is undriveable, but Billy and the team will not give up...

Billy heads out again... like a warrior who knows no other way... but the damage is too great...

...he waits as the field comes around to take the green, so again he can rejoin the field without losing a lap... There's still a chance at a championship...

...But this time, as Billy accelerated down the frontstretch, the badly damaged car spun once again...  By bringing out the yellow for a 3rd time, Billy's night was done, and with it so was the possibility of another championship.  All 2nd place point man Rick Laubach needed to do now was finish in the top 10, but Rick wanted more...

The word "sandbagging" isn't in this guys dictionary as rather than taking it easy, Rick drove his self owned #20 to the front and took both the win and the 2009 Modified Championship.  Congratulations Rick.

The champion gives an interview to AARN's Lenny Sammons

NES Tech Team goes over the #20 with a fine tooth comb...  While all that's going on, Rick notices a few well wishers on the observation deck....

Rick accepts the congratulations from some of his diehard fans.

Yup..., "#1"  Again Rick, congratulations on a great season, a championship, and thanks for making things very exciting for all in the Modified Division at NES this year.

Vern McLaughlin took advantage of a very fast track surface to bring his #06 home first for the 3rd time this year in Outlaw Stock competition.

Vern has some company in victory lane...  Great job Vern!

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