New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
October 25th, 2009

Brought to you this week by us!

Not sure who it is, but pretty "funky" lettering if you ask me... Looked good in the afternoon sun...

"Exhibition" Crate Late Model...

New "old" skin for Chris Allen in the soon to be #71.  Pretty sure Chris and Lee said that it's a '40 or '41 Studebaker!

Here's Jeff Kuhl's Statewide #3 Gremlin sportin' some big back rubber!

Richie Cass Jr. was "wingin' it" until the driveshaft decided it had had enough...

Vault regulars Pyro52 (sunglasses & hat) and Bob G (sunglasses & no hat) and the crew... (Somebody must'a told Bob that they were runnin' Midgets or Sprints!)

At first glance, Alan Bleacher's #47a looked good up on the trailer...

...until we went around the other side... OUCH!  Glad to see Alan doing just fine after this one.

Rich Mongeau in victory lane after winning the Outlaw Stock Feature...  Car is for sale: 732-657-2336

Rich thanks one of his sponsors and all around good guy, Tom "Hairband" Hamill of "Hamill Flooring" in person!

Rocco made it win #7 in the Sportsman Division, in what was an "abbreviated season".  (Imagine how many win's he'd have if the Sportsman ran every week....)

All the way from near Lancaster, Pa, Kyle Borror pulled off the win in the Crate Sportsman Feature with a late race pass of strong running Chris Spellman.

Kyle and crew in Victory Lane after only running at New Egypt a few times this year...  Hope to see Kyle and the team more often in 2010.

....By then, the big puddle in front of the tech area should be just about dried up!

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