Nostalgia Night at Middletown
June 6th, 2015

Got there early... Here's the view from the frontstretch grandstand.

Hank Gorenson Jr. Sprinter

Original body (roof & deck) from Bev Pierce's sportsman racer.

Wasn't sure about this one, but looked like an early 80's racer, with lots of chrome!

"Warmups" at the 31st Lap....

Folks make there way into the nostalgia display area.  Check out the "All Star Racing League" shirt on the right.

Looks just like the original...  Jerry Wildrick's Tom Hager Falcon replica car built by Bill Lowden.

Bobby Pickell Jr and Lenny Swider

Just completed in time for the show, the recreated #80 sedan.  The stance... the paint... the lettering... They really nailed it!

Built by Bill Lowden, owned by Jerry Wildrick

The original was built and owned by Lou Inzeo - Lou now lives down south, but made the trip north to attend the show.

Left to right:  Painter Joe Sulpy, original crew member Connie Joyner, owner/builder of the original Lou Inzeo, and Bobby Pickell Jr. (son of #80 driver Bob Pickell.)

Looks good from any angle.

I'm still not sure how painter Joe Sulpy was able to recreate the uniqueness in both color and style of the original... but he nailed it!

  Cos's lettering is spot on!

Artie had the "White Phantom" looking great, and would later take some laps out on the 1/2 mile clay.

Large group of open wheel vintage cars on hand.

...some with cages, some with roll hoops... and some with just a steering wheel and a gas pedal!

More open wheel cars.

Frankie Schneider and Joe Sulpy have a laugh.

Photographer Paul Irving puts the camera away for a few minutes to enjoy some ice cream.

It's intermission....  The guest drivers take their seats under the tent as fans begin to line up to meet them.

Rich Eurich has been running and winning at Orange County since the 70's

...Here's the Paul Irving shot from the 70's that Richie is checking out in the photo above.

70's OCFS racer Bev Pierce greets the fans.

Carl "Fuzzy" Van Horn was busy signing too.

Here's one of Fuzzy from the mid to late 70's in one really cool looking modified!

Frankie and others sign the special color poster provided by the great folks putting on the event.

...and the fans kept on lining up...  The line continued on past the 31st Lap Tavern.

Event coordinator Doug Dulgarian (on left with the black & orange shirt) did a super job in making sure everyone had a great time!

...more OCFS favorites....

.... and even more still.

Lots of favorites on that poster... How many can you name?

...more smiles...

#80 car owner Jerry Wildrick receives a trophy from original #80 crew member Connie Joyner.

Lenny tries the #80 on for size....

Photographer Paul Irving has a laugh with Hank Winecker (right).  Hank drove all all the way from Wichita Kansas to attend the event.  (If you look at the button on his shirt, you'll know why...)

Hank's all time favorite driver was Bobby Pickell, and many of Hank's original photographs from the 70's were used by builder Bill Lowden, painter Joe Sulpy and letterer "Cos" to recreate the #80.
(Hank had pics from all angles, including this original of the "Driver Bob Pickell" roof shot.)

Thank you to all who were involved in making OCFS 2015 Nostalgia Night such an enjoyable time for all, and thank you to all the 3Wider's that stopped by to say hello!

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