Photos From OCFS Nostalgia Night 2016
June 4th, 2016
Photos From 3Wide

Lots of folks..

The Schneider King car.

It's perfect.

Here it is in the late 70's with Frankie at the wheel.

...It's a beauty.

Stacks are cool..

Wyat Jacobus Jr. with his new ride, but with familiar colors and number.

Great crowd on hand for Nostalgia Night.  Check out the new roof on the covered grandstands, and although hard to see from here, the seats in that section have all been replaced too.

Lots of racing folks

Beautiful restoration of the #76, originally owned by Henry Verity, and driven by Bruce Hooper. 

Love the stance of the Hager #43 Falcon...  All business!

Super cool sedan.... It's no wonder that any of us that saw cool cars like this on the track back in the early 70's became fans for life....

Owner of the #2 Gary Tetz (with hat) was talking with folks for much of the night about the Schneider King car.

Modified Legends guests were seated at tables, and hundreds of folks lined up to say hello.

Anthony Ferraiuolo (
AF-IV to those of us on the Message Vault) and photographer Jack Kromer

Not sure but I think there were about 75 drivers on hand to take part in OCFS Nostalgia Night - 2016.

Buzzie and David sign...  Gotta love the kid's "All Star Racing League" shirt!

David has that great Reutimann smile too!

Anthony Ferraiuolo IV, Gary Balough, Tony Ferraiuolo, and Rich Marinelli.... 

Historic race car artist Joel Naprstek holds up the souvenir poster that he created especially for this night.  Contact Joel for more of his great works at:

Folks were lined up all the way back to the main gate to be part of the autograph/meet and greet session.

Photographer/Artist Paul Irving (left) and OCFS Nostalgia Night Coordinator Doug Dulgarian.  Amazing effort by Doug and his group of volunteers who did all the legwork to make the night such a success.

Paul Hildebrandt and Richard Ege....  They were the owners of the "lilac" #9 cars from the 60's and early 70's with drivers Ed Farley, Bobby Bottcher...  and a driver named "Balough."

Gary Balough in the Ege/Hildebrandt #9 coupe (left) and the Mulligan Built #9 (which later became the Ferraiuolo #73 which Gary also drove.)

Richard and Paul make their way over to where Gary Balough was seated....

Once Gary recognized them, a huge smile took over his face as he stood up and told Richard and Paul to come over to his side of the table...

Gary told all of us who were within earshot that "These are the guys that took a shot on a hillbilly racer looking for a ride!"  The Ege/Hildebrandt #9 was the first car that Gary drove when he brought his driving talents north back in 1973.

Gary poses with his fomer car owners including Richard Ege and Paul Hildebrandt (#9) top, Ric
h Marinelli  (#M1) left, and Tony Ferraiuolo (#73) right.... Lots of history here.

Racing photographer Harry Cella says hello

Great to see Frankie Schneider at the event...  Would have loved to seen Frankie fire up the restored #2!

Day turns to night, and folks were still lined up to get their chance to say hello, one on one with their favorite drivers.

...while a few others took the opportunity to check out the 31st Lap Tavern.

Looks just as cool even at night.

Speaking of cool...  Love the paint on this one, made possible by painter/artist Joe Sulpy.

Joe Poliacik not only had his original #74 Green $tuff on display, but Joe took it out on track and turned some laps during the vintage feature event.

This is one colorful car in person - Not sure how long Bruce Hooper drove it, but it's an original (frame and body panels.)

Yup... Scottie did it - again!

The Tom Hager Falcon looks fast sitting there...

Open wheel racers get ready to head out to the track for some exhibition laps.

1979 Weld copy.  Very original looking car.

This is the former Craig Paterson owned, Al Michalchuk restored racer.  The car sounded great (LOUD) while taking a few laps around the speedway.

More open wheel racers.

Great showing from the Atlantic Coast Old Timers club

That's the end folks!  A great time was had by all at the 2016 OCFS Nostalgia Night.

Thank you to Doug Dulgarian and all involved in making it happen!

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