Old Bridge Speedway Reunion 2010
October 10, 2010

Racz's Garage #41


John Fitzgerald (owner of the Perth Amboy Spring Works/Pete Frazee driven #68) with Legendary Photographer Ace Lane Jr.

Here's a look from inside the #68

Joe Kelly driven #XL-1

Former driver/artist Charlie Lindmar driven #69 has resurfaced after 40+ years...

Here's the view from inside the #69...

Butch Colisomo and his wife enjoy an autumn day in Old Bridge

A couple "non roundie round" cars were on hand too as some will remember that Old Bridge Speedway also had a drag strip.

Speaking of Charlie Lindmar, Charlie (on right) made the trip north from Florida to check out the event.

Old Bridge competitor Bob Boudenot and the #3

Here's Bob in the 50's at Old Bridge in the #3

...under the hood of the #3, from when flatheads ruled the day...

There's "Wild Man" Elton Hildreth...

...Funniest line of the day came straight from Elton:  "I'm not quite as wild anymore!".... (But there was a time...):

Here's Elton in the 50's at Alcyon...

...60's at Old Bridge

...60's at Reading...

More 60's action from Elton - This time at Trenton Speedway

..and here's one from Langhorne.

Fifty plus years since they turned laps at Old Bridge, and Elton and Bob picked up right where they had left off... talking about racing at "Old Bridge Speedway"...

A few open wheelers on display outside the Thomas Warne Museum.... Time to take a look inside:

...Inside, wall to wall Old Bridge Speedway memories...

Speaking of "Walls", Charlie Lindmar's Old Bridge Memories Series of paintings looked right at home...

Here's 2 of our favorites...The full field of Old Bridge Stars (top) and Pete Frazee in victory lane (bottom).

Great display of "An Old Bridge Afternoon"....

...John Fillimon brought some very interesting stuff... Here's an original door off of one of Bob Malzahn's #99's.

Unofficial Old Bridge Historian Ed Duncan (right) watches an original movie of, what else.., "Old Bridge action from 1959!"
That's Novice driver Tom Falco on the left that drove and owned the #996.

Time to head out...

As we were heading out, we bumped into Earl Krause who had already been to work (AARN in Trenton) and was now on his way into the event.

Great day at the Thomas Warne Museum!

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