November 2nd, 2013
Images from 3Wide


Racecars, People, and Leaves... Great Combination.

There's Harry, "Meetin' and Greetin'.... Truth is, it seemed like most of the folks there already knew Harry!

Larry Hye and Kevin Dexheimer made the trip down from North Jersey

...and up from Florida, that's Will Cagle autographing a model for Larry Housman

Jimmy and Ace

Frank Eppolite, Will Cagle, Harry Fleming and Earl Krause

(Standing left to right) Don Carty, Jimmy Horton, Will Cagle, Larry Voss, Earl Krause, Harry Fleming, (Kneeling) Bill Force and Ray Shea

Charlie Santilli peeks out from behind the tree as folks enjoy checking out his #659 coupe.

Kenny Edsell, Chris Allen, Ray Posik and Lee Allen

El Herbert's #1 and Terry V's #74

Inside the South Jersey Racing Museum

Lots to look at...

John Seyler and Racing Historian and Museum Curator Russ Dodge

In addition to lots of display items, Russ also had some really cool items available... well, like the sign says, "cheap!"

That's columnist and racing historian Fred Voorhees with his mom, and his wife Karen

Standing L to R is Ken Edsell, Lee Allen, Chris Allen, Big Marty, Ray Liss, Joe Merlino, Ray Miles, Will Cagle, Russ Dodge, Wayne Weaver, Barbara Cagle, Cornelius Joyner, Bob Rossell, Jimmy Horton, El Herbert, Don Carty, Ace Lane Jr, Harry Fleming, and seated L to R is Tom Berry, Terry V, Ray Shea, Bill Force, Earl Krause and Jim Milstead.

Here's another view, this time with photographer Ralph Richards standing next to Harry.

Whether by car, bus, train, airplane or even taxi.... get to Pumpkin Run anyway you can...

A little bit of everything in this photo....

The best in the business.  That's recently retired drag racing announcer/historian Bob Frey (left) with Grumpy's Toy owner Wayne Meli (right).

Stitched up Rat Rod.

A look inside...

...and found these 3 4 monkey's sitting under the hood... See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil... and we'll leave the last one up to you.

Modern day muscle with a cool '57 finned look.

...You don't see many of these anymore, but to guys that were teenagers in the mid to late 70's, the AMX was on the "wicked cool" list.

No AM/FM/CD player, but plenty of air conditioning....

Nice group of vintage motorcycles lined up in front of a really cool Garvey from the East Coast Boat Racing Club of NJ.

Chainsaw woodworking artist turns a piece of wood into a fox.

Paul Plunjis's antique pickup truck said it all...

Last exit for these cars...

"Country Fresh Dairy Products"

Early days tractor

Rambler Marlin... One of the first cars to adopt a slope back/truck.

Late 60's Chevelle

Old Olds... (I'll bet somebody out there cold use those rear glass pieces...)

Mid to late 50's Chevy Pickup

Nice grill...  Not sure if that extra light was factory or not.

"Holly Carb."

...back when "personality" meant more than aerodynamics.

Desoto Fins

...not sure when they stopped making these....

Old school wrecker


Jet era influenced

Not sure about the bottom car, but once proud Nova up top.

Old Fire Engine

...view from the rear.

...Keep thinking of the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer got to drive the fire engine from the tiller seat...

Mustang... Javelin...

"Big Wheel"

... This one had a "HEAT" lever under the dash

...Coulda..., Shoulda... Woulda...


The colors of autumn at Flemings...  (Yup, that's the back half of old Ford up there...)

Other than "very heavy", I'm not real sure what this thing is, but it found a home at Harrys.

What's everybody looking at?

It's the kid's Tractor Pull

The crowd gives a cheer as this youngster makes their run.

Looks like a good effort!

Good family fun, enjoyed by all.

A view of the show from inside a helicopter... (Fortunately it was on the ground...)

Folks line up to get a souvenir wooden cedar shingle with "PUMPKIN RUN 2013" branded into it.

Old school saw

I think it was some kind of a router, powered by a very old hit and miss engine.

Not often do you get to see a piston moving while the engine is running...

An absolutely perfect day.

With an engine like that, ya' need to look out the side to see where you're going!

Red, White and Blue

72 Monte Carlo caught my eye...

Amazing show cars as far as you could see...

Cool meter pinned.

Kickin' back at the Pumpkin run...

Checking out the cars

Saw the General Lee, but no sign of Daisy Duke....

Waiting for the bus

Must be for really tall grass

Air powered pumpkin cannon.

Not much wind for the windmill, but it sure made for a nice autumn day for checking out the sights.

'57 with a few modern conveniences...  Nice ride.


Time to get something to eat...

Fast boat...

Check out the escape hatch on the bottom side.

Dodge Power Wagon

Big Rig

Steam power still going strong.


Fresh out of the Kettle...

Lots of folks wanted a 2013 Pumpkin Run Souvenir shirt.

Cars, trees, old filling station signs... and a bunch of good folks all enjoying Pumpkin Run 2013.

Getting a better look...

One of my favorites, a bone stock 69 Camaro...

Vette view.

The sandy soil and the autumn leaves on the trees create a great place to have a car show in November.

... I know it's clean, but get the torches anyhow!  (Maybe a Bullock #76, or a Dmuchowski #303?)

Harry says hello to some folks.

60's & 70's racer and race car builder Bob Rossell with AARN's Earl Krause

The Gil Hearne driven #17 alongside the Jackie McLaughlin #026

A true barn find.... Except for the roof and the tires, this one is totally original... as raced back in the 80's at Bridgeport by Rich Hall.

A "Liss Built" Gremlin, with a rider in the back window.

Picker's missed this one...

The coupes look like they're getting ready to fill up...

Overheard Harry talking to this family - Turns out that Harry sold parts to the fella's dad for his truck....  Of course, Harry remembered him.

Bob and Jimmy Rossell

Keith Majka takes a ride in one of his vintage cars

Time to head out...

There goes Paul Plunjis in his pickup.... Paul is an Instructor at OCVTS, and on one of my visits, when lunchtime came along, he offered to drive...  Yup, this was our "wheels" for the trip... Wolf whistle and all....  Pretty cool.

Ratical Rat...

Makes it real easy to do an oil change!

Pretty sure somebody was in there driving it...  Check out the cool artwork on the door...

The obvious and the not so obvious is what makes these rat rods so cool...

License plates..., a Buick emblem... and not sure if that really is the fuel tank in the back, but if so, I don't think he'll have to worry about tail-gaiter's...

The famous Tom Skinner #659 coupe, driven back in the day by Parker Bohn pulls away...

The end to an amazing day at the 2013 Pumpkin Run.

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