November 8th, 2014
Photos from 3Wide

Folks had to wait an extra week this year, but they sure did turn out for Pumpkin Run  2014.

A perfect fall day for a car show in the woods of South Jersey.

The Black Bandit driven by Gil Hearne

The Al Michalchuk #292 replica on the original Tony Ferrante #X3 ramp truck. (Thanks Kevin Eyres for letting me borrow the wheels.)

Original A.J. Foyt racer up from the Ray Evernham Museum

...and next to it, an original Jeff Gordon #24 from back when Ray was Jeff's Crew Chief.

Doug Megill  was on the job - Thank you Doug for setting up a Matheny Christmas Party Donation station (coming up soon on Dec 13th).

Lots of activity by the Texaco Station

Original Weld modified driven by Bobby Braxton, owned by Larry Housman.

The Mike Grbac tribute #47, with the same paint/lettering look from the Emmett Alfrey Gremlin from 1974.

I'm not sure who brought the #47, but thanks for getting it to the show where it could be appreciated.

I always heard that those green heads were big in South Jersey...

The #659 pulls in for some gas and a quick check under the hood.  (Actually, better make that alcohol.)

...If you have an old Texaco Service Station, then you have to have the wrecker to go along with it!

It's a very American day.

Time to walk out into the acres and acres of show cars, antiques, rat rods, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more.

The combination of the "decor," framed by the changing leaves, and the smell of pine in the air is all part of the Pumpkin Run experience.

'55 Chevy's always catch my eye.

Autumn colors

Cars as far as you can see...  How far do they go?

I kept walking and walking until I finally found the edge...  I was probably over 1/4 - 1/3 mile away from the Texaco Station at this point!

Maybe a '36 guys?  (What do I know.... I wasn't born until 1960!)

Still have a soft spot for the 66 & 67 Chevy II's

Cars in every direction...

Nicely done bubble top Bel Air.

...more walking... more cars to see!

...still more to see....

Super Sleek Riv.

Plenty of room for stuff in the trunk (the real trunk that is...).

It's easy being green, if you're a 68 Camaro with a 302 under the hood!

Wings & Things.

Turning up the heat

...back out to the center field to check out some more cool rides

Uniquely '57.

Do it yourself intake.... Amazing.

...Found some more cool cars over hiding under the trees on the west side of the grounds.

...and then some more over... way over "that way."

Rat Rods have found a home at the Pumpkin Run.  They really fit in with the laid back, proud to be a do'it yourself'er kinda vibe.

This open air model had it's own "to do" list:

... see what I mean?

Super clean late 60's/early 70's Chevy Pickup...  Light sky blue paint with a white roof.  Might of been my show favorite.

If you're afraid of clowns... well... too late.  (Cuckoo Customs is located in Williamstown NJ)

No water, but I did find a few boats.  That G-56 garvey reminds me of going to the boat races on the Barnegat Bay when I was a kid.

Here's the view

This guy was smilin' all day.


"On the red carpet...."

New attraction was this "motion" saloon scene featuring ragtime piano music, with a rotating piano player (center) and Saloon Sally flirtin' from on top of the piano.

The entire east side of the grounds is set up with food vendors, flea market area, tractors, hit or miss engines, and more.

Models, records, old electronics...

A few old cameras.... that one in the front looks confusing!

Some browsers... Some buyers.

I couldn't even afford the bottom end.

...sumbody's 'bin muddin'

Kid's tractor pulls... great family fun.

I can't go to The Pumpkin Run without spending some time walking through here....

You never know where you'll meet up with a "Cougar!".... (not sure what kind of car that is that's on the bottom though...)

This late 60's Chevelle woulda' made a great Late Model!

Not sure what it is but there's something very relaxing about walking around the woods filled with a bunch of old cars.

Never goes out of style.

Green Reo.

...more to check out

As we head back to the Texaco Station we hear the high pitch rev of the GMC 6...

...yup, like I said, "6".

Foot warmer.

Inside the station

turned their last RPM...

Lots of familiar faces - All enjoying the great weather at this year's Pumpkin Run

The Sonny Dorberger built #99.

It's the real deal.

You could spend a day checking out all the stuff in the museum building.

Last raced by Bob Malzahn in the early 80's, now owned by Matt Badessa.

Quick photo op in front of the #292:  (L to R): Don Wolfe, Bill Bounder, Ray Miles, Al Michalchuk, Ken Brenn Sr, Gil Hearne (kneeling), Connie Joyner, Larry Housman, Bill Humphrey, fellow from EMMR, John Lengenfelder and Matt Badessa.

Gary Tetz and Ken Brenn Sr. talk about Grant King built modifieds.

Vintage TQ

Tony Siscone and Ray Shea

Lee Mulligan, Russ Dodge, and Harry Fleming

This one ran at Pleasantville (Atlantic City Speedway).

Wood Brother's Modified brought up for the show by Eddie Bohn from the Ray Evernham Collection.

Charlie McLaughlin, Bob Rossell and Gil Hearne

Vinnie Green and Eddie Bohn

It just sits... RIGHT!

"Down The Road It Goes"... as heard on the episode of American Pickers that featured a 2013 stop at Fleming's Auto Parts.

Cars of the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)

Former Ray Liss car, now owned by Scott Fricks

Al Gehrun #XL-1

As the sun starts to go down and the chill starts to go up, folks begin to line up to watch the parade of cars as they begin to head out.

Time to go...

Early 70's Camaro


Just rattin.'

Rat'truck... Some of the functionality of the rat rodder's reminds me of the ingenuity of racers from back in the day...

...Express Delivery

(We gotta see if we can get Jack one of these...)

There's that super sleek Riviera again.... 

My favorite - black, on black.., on black..., big block '71 Monte.

Still has the "Francis Ford of Staten Island" emblem on the back of the trunk lid.


Thank you to the Pumpkin Run Crew for getting the grounds in such great shape following Thursday's heavy rains.  The facility was excellent... the weather was excellent...  and it was great to see so many folks come out and enjoy the event. 

Already looking forward to Pumpkin Run 2015!

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