November 7th, 2015
Images from 3Wide

This way into the Pumpkin Run...

Roofless rat rod... hope the weather holds...

Barn find - Former Pleasantville Speedway racer.

The car was put away after it's last race and untouched for decades....

Fall colors

One of the site's museum buildings.  (I see some Charlie Lindmar drawing on the left.)

Photographer Jack Kromer and racing historian Russ Dodge.

The absolutely amazing Bob Toreky #14, recreated in every detail by Dave Deerson, including  a hood made from a mold Dave created for the project.

The car was lettered by Cos - just like the original.  It is perfect.

Cool Coupe - Maybe the first time out for this one!

Where's that sun that was promised earlier in the week?

El Herbert's #1 (Thanks El for having the 3Wide logo on the door, and friend of The Vault "R.W. Tire" on the hood.)

Amazing Richie Evans modified brought up to the show from the Ray Evernham Collection.

A whole lot goin' on with this Regal....

Cedar shingles are always real popular at the Pumpkin Run...

No trip to the Pumpkin Run is complete without a walk through the woods...

Upper deck AMX

...not sure how this one didn't end up on a speedway with a # on the side of it...

You could fit a Smart Car in the trunk....

Somewhere, Ralph Nader is smiling.

There's no mistaking a Pontiac nose.

Sedan parking.

Final resting place

Tilted El Camino

Push button shifting

How I feel most mornings....

Rear steer.

Big finned Chrysler.....  Raindrops on the trunk means it's starting to rain. 

Time to get something to eat and hope the rain passes over.

The rain picks up.... Here's a Mike Grbac tribute car in the Emmett Alfrey #47 colors

Pleasantville Speedway racer Howard Stern's #2X

I thought cats didn't like to get wet? 

An original Marty Robbins racecar also up from the Ray Evernham collection.

Wayne Weaver's will be racing in the New Egypt Wingless Sprint division in 2016.

It's a very busy day for Harry, but he somehow still finds time to talk to folks.  If you've never met Harry, catch the episode of "American Pickers" where Mike and Frank paid a visit to "Flemings" a few years ago.  Harry is the real deal.

...Looks like the rain is here to stay, so it's time to go.

Umbrellas and raindrops....  At least this one has a roof!

Folks make an early exit as the steady light rain cut things short for all.

...and the rain continues to fall....

Thanks Harry, and also to the crew at Flemings Auto Parts.

Pumpkin Run.  It's about the race cars, the show cars, and all the other vehicles that are on display in a very unique environment for such a gathering.  It's about the people, and about seeing old friends....  It's about connecting to something that we all miss. 

It really is an "American Event." 

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