Pumpkin Run 2016

November 5th, 2016
Images from 3Wide

Driving into Fleming's for Pumpkin Run 2016.... 

Let's get out and walk...

It's early and it's already 1/2 full!

Menacing Mopar

John Fager's "Iron Works" ride...

Folks check out the tons and tons of South Jersey Racing memorabilia on display in the museum buildings.

Will Cagle made the trip up from Florida and Bob Rossell made the trip down from New Egypt!

Looks like two "Race of Gentleman" competitors

Former Gil Hearne driven #17

50's Caddy

Alice and Frank Drogan's #3X

Dave Deerson's "Bob Toreky #14 Chevette" is a real beauty...

...and it was lettered by "Cos"

Good looking vintage racer

Asphalt vintage modified

...Miniture racers, with hand built engines that really run.

Old coupe body laying on an old modified frame.

Two vintage modifieds from Ralph and Rick Brochard

That's 60's through forever racer Bill Force with is 3/4 midget racer

Former Wall Stadium and New Egypt Speedway racer El Herbert had his vintage Vega on display.

Here's a side view of the Gil Hearne driven #17.  Looked really cool under the leaves.

On coming Gremlin

Original Camaro racer driven by Howard Stern at Pleasantville Speedway.

Howard also had this cool '36 Dodge vintage car... that has QQ tags!

"Down the Road it Goes"

Folks were lined up as far as you could see to get their 2016 Pumpkin Run and/or "My Classic Car" shirts.

Garvey Racing - A South Jersey coastal tradition.

Lots of folks making their way through the Flea Market area.

Saw these two flat trackers for sale.

Food concessions did a fantastic business all day long.

More South Jersey history finds its final resting spot at Harrys.

Vintage military vehicles on display

Very Old Iron.

Unique power on this "puller."

It's a radial engine from an airplane!

A souvenir "Pumpkin Run" cedar shingle is a very popular item

The "Hit & Miss" engines were hitting and missing...

Check out the engine setback on the XL-1 towed down from "Custom Auto Body" in Avenel... Just like in the 60's

Super cool "Connecting Rod Christmas Tree," complete with Christmas lights!  An absolute must for your Man Cave or garage!

GSVSCC member, and former 70's sportsman racer Connie Joyner, along with 80's modified racer, and current NES Sprint racer Wayne Weaver.

Who's that in the "Cadoo?"

Kevin Eyres riding in style...  Kevin made the ride down from Colts Neck, and didn't feel one bump the whole way in this great running cruiser!

Two of the best motorsports photographers, Jack Kromer and Mel Stettler made the long drive down from Nazareth PA.

Charlie McLaughlin talk South Jersey racing with Russ Dodge

Racing Historian Ray Miles and racing great Tony Siscone

Tony told me that the #37 in the photos above was driven by Charlie "Doo", and was built by Tony's long time friend John Lyons, when John was only 16.

That same #37 now rests just outside the museum door.  With John passing earlier this year, hope is that they'll be a memorial plaque put up in his honor next to the #37

The sights... and sounds of autumn.

Good looking Chevy pickup

Liked the color on this 2nd generation Camaro

Really nice 60 Chevy

A Ford... A Mopar.. A Chevy...  Something for everyone at Pumpkin Run.

I know what your thinkin'... "Farm Truck!"

Something to look at in all directions.

Kart Hauler

Sold by the foot...

Dodge Polara convertable, Buick, Ford, Vette... and a cool original Esso sign.  Do you guys remember Esso?

My Classic Car's Dennis Gage was there with a camera crew.  Hopefully, some of "Pumpkin Run 2016" will be featured on an upcoming episode.

Glad to see that a few station wagons survived from the 70's.  Nice color blue paint on this Olds Wagon.

Late Model Pacer!

Things are looking up....

Ready... Aim.... Fire!

What a great day to walk around the grounds....

Like it says on the tailgate... "No worries."

Lots of smiles at this year's Pumpkin Run!

Pretty cool to see this mid 70's Monte Carlo with rally rims and T/A radials

The sunny day really brought out the colors in everything.

Pumpkin Run brings out the American in all of us... Let's hope it stays with us for a long, long time.

I saw this license plate and right away thought about Joe Luzi's #Toy sportsman from Flemington.

Well... I thought everybody had a great time at Pumpkin Run....

Got to say hello to 70's/80's racer and fabricator Phil Hare (#325).

...Everybody was there... Even Jake and Elwood.

The Skinner #659 "fired up" every 1/2 hour or so... I'm not sure what they were using for fuel, but it sure did have a unique smell to it!

The sun brings out the gold leaf #'s on the Toreky #14.

Well... If your neighbor's don't mind, and your local police don't mind, it sure makes it easier to make room for the headers...

Got to say hello to Jim & Buffy Swanson, and Barbara and Billy Pauch,  Thanks for taking the ride down to Harry's guys!

"Will & Gil"  Two racers who came up from Florida in the 60's... and we're still talking about their great accomplishments today.

As the sun makes its way to the western sky, the parade of the state's coolest cars and trucks begins as folks head out to Zion Road.

Patriotic ride

Buckets of fun....

This one even had wheelie bars....

72 Monte....  My personal favorite.

Way cool Ratrod....  The air cleaner lid is actually the top of a chandelier from the 1840's.

Here's one way to let the world know how you feel!

Don't see many of these around... and it was just the right color for Pumpkin Run!

Bill Force and Tom Berry give a wave on their way out.

Another great Pumpkin Run... Hope you'll be there next year!

Thank you to Harry Fleming, Ralph and Rick Brochard, Russ Dodge, and the staff that bring Pumpkin Run to life each year for all of us to enjoy!

If you, or your car is in one of the pictures above and you'd like a copy, email me and I'll send you a high resolution jpeg.   Thanks for being at Pumpkin Run!
3wide@optonline .  net

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