Pumpkin Run 2019

November 2nd, 2019
Images from 3Wide

Heading into Fleming's for Pumpkin Run 2019.... 

Harry's saying from when American Picker's visited:  "Down the Road it Goes!"

Just walk in any direction... and something will catch your eye.

Great turnout of vintage racecars from the 50's to the 80's,  dirt and asphalt.

It's about the cars... but it's also about seeing folks and shootin' the breeze a little.

I almost didn't recognize former racer Tony Buffalino without a #2b on the door.

Where else but at Pumpkin Run are you going to find a souped-up 1970 Maverick!  (When new, these were advertised for $1999!)

Tough Truck

Remembering our friend.

Event T-Shirt line was as far as you could see...

(I wasn't kid'n!)

Tractor Pull driver's meeting.

Some pretty creative stuff... Engines placement, custom exhausts, tire choices... etc.

Folks line the banks of the pull zone waiting for the start of the popular event.

Old gold.

Autumn at Harry's.

Retired fire truck.


Not sure how this one didn't end up on on a modified....

Would make a nice #357, or maybe a "Chuck Wagon" #11.

Maybe a Tobias #17?... How about at Chubby Hower #34 1/2?

Here's one for Howie Cronce!  (His original yellow #9c Falcon (later painted black) was a High School project, that started with a 4 door Falcon.)

Saw this early 70's Chevy pick up and had to check if it was "3 on the Tree" like the one had that I learned how to drive on... (Yup.)

Not sure what make this one was, but I'll bet somebody out there will recognize the logo/other?

Would of made a great looking stock car.

Something fishy...

Having a bad day.

Reminds me of reading "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" to my kids when they were little...

Reo Gold Comet

Enjoying retirement.

We must be close to the Jersey Shore!

Flea Market area was busy all day long.

Creepy stuff on a Studebaker

This answers what cam to use if building a Rat Rod.....

Cadillac powered

Gary and Will.... 

Wayne Weaver's current day Bridgeport racer.

South Jersey favorite, Elton Hildreth #16J.

Terry V's #74

Larry Housman's #74 original Weld Car

El Herbert's #1

Ray Liss' recently completed open wheeler.

It's a beauty.

Folks enjoy the day on Mt. Fleming.

Woody's Garage Gold

Howard Stern's #2X

...Turned their last RPM

Skinner Vega.... Driven by Parker Bohn

Still with GMC 6 Cyl power under the hood.

Parker once told me that he didn't like the pedals (too small) in the Vega.

Carl Griner #0 outside the filling station.

Kenny and Harry have a laugh.

Harry Fleming with guests Kenny Brightbill, Barbara Cagle, Gary Balough and Will Cagle.

#112 Batmobile with DKM tweaks.

Lots of thought went into the original Batmobile's roof.  It's about an inch think (hollow in the middle) and shaped kind of like like an airplane wing.

Original Walt Olsen built Weld Modified.  It's a beauty.

Owner Mark Braun (right) brought the car all the way down from upstate NY.  Former #81 crew member Fred Corcoran and driver Bobby Braxton provided some inside info!

Bobby didn't drive this Weld car, but did drive the #74 Wiechecki Weld car.  Bobby showed us how he could work the clutch (toes) & brake (heel), all with the left foot.

Beautiful Bob Toreky #14 Chevette.  That's owner/builder Dave Deerson talking with photographer Ace Lane in the background.

Any 80's fans out there...  If you weren't before, you would be after looking over the Cos lettered Chevette.

The Will Cagle #24 coupe, and the Marinelli #M1made the trip down from NY.

Terry fires up the #74 and heads for the trailer.

Everybody hop in....  It's time to go...

Time to head out after another great Pumpkin Run...

One by one, the show cars, rat-rods, trucks, motorcycles head out....

Thank you to all who were involved in bringing the Pumpkin Run back to Harry's for 2019!

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