Here's a few photos from our visit to the Open House held at Pauch's Race Shop on Sunday, July 20th 2014

Really great day to have an Open House...

The racecars were rolled out of the shop to make room for fans to walk around inside.

Fans enjoyed looking at the pictures and signs on display inside and outside of Goop's Flemington Speedway Memorabilia display.

...You never know who's behind those Foster Grants....

The gathering gave racing folks a great chance to talk racing - but this time, in a quieter setting, away from the noise of racetrack.

The open house is a real family event...

Billy Jr's car in the back shop area

Here's a view inside the main shop.  The folks on the left were lined up to have their favorite Pauch photos, posters, etc., signed and/or just to say hello to Billy and Billy Jr.

Fans of all ages say hello...

... all ages!

Plenty to check out...

Billy Sr's K&A Excavating/Pioneer Pole Buildings #1 with his #9 Speedstr sandwiched in between.

T-Shirt sales were brisk all day...  If you didn't get yours, you can pick up one at any of the tracks that Sr. & Jr. run at (NES, Kutztown, Big Diamond.)

It'd probably make for one ugly car... but it sure would make for one really cool inside of a garage!

Roofs, doors, 1/4's, nose pieces were all raffled off "Chinese Auction" style...

Some really cool panels... Each one tells a story.

Mandee and I were in a draw with both taking each other's picture at the same time.  (I guarantee that the picture that I took (above) is better to look at than the one she took of me!)

This one brought back memories...  I had one just like it that we bought at Woolco!

New racecar inside the photo room

The question is... How did it get in there?  This is the only door in and it's only about 5' wide!  Kind'a like building a ship in a bottle....

Upstairs in the trophy room...

100's of trophies, but what you're not seeing is the many others that I've seen Billy hand out in victory lane after each win to some young fan.

...This railroad cap sitting on the window sill reminded me of the hats Billy used to wear:

Bob Yurko photo - Reading - 1977(?)

I spent a lot of time upstairs in the photo room - Here's one that I'm guessing is from 1975 at Bridgeport Speedway.  Original image by Ace Lane Jr.

...and here's one of Billy's first modified rides (driving for someone else) at what looks like is Bridgeport Speedway (1978?) - Original photographer unknown.

Lots of history to be seen...  You gotta love that shot on the bottom (center) from Pleasantville Speedway (Atlantic City) with Billy in the "tall" Gremlin on the asphalt next to Tony Siscone in the pancake car!

He was just a kid back then, but those of us in the stands watching the Rookie Division at Flemington back in 1975 knew the greatness we were witnessing right from the start.

It was interesting looking at the photos and newspaper clippings, trying to connect which car Billy drove during which years.  Here's Billy in the #121 alongside Sammy Beavers at Flemington in 1980.

If you want a real treat, head up to Kutztown on a Wednesday night and watch a really exciting show with Micro's, Slingshots and also the Speedstr division that really put on a heck of a show!

Thank you Barbara, Billy, Billy Jr and Mandee for inviting us all over to your place!

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