Pauch Open House 2016
July 17th, 2016

Great day for an open house.

(I got there late and folks were still arriving after me.)

Bob Rossell (left) Vault visitors Ken Edsell and Charlie Lindmar (hiding behind Ken), Jim Barclay, and "#9" standing in front of Ken.

Ed Harrington keep things running smoothly under the hood....

Tri-State Vintage (Wyatt Jacobus and Goop) had some great items on display.

Everytime I see these boards, I remember how they hung on the back of the stands at Flemington and had the points for Modified Owners, Modified Drivers, and one for Sportsman Drivers too.

Billy Pauch helmet, with a picture of him in the Barker Bus, on asphalt.

Here's one of Billy Jr' cars.

Not sure what the bidding went to on this wing... Heard it was near $500 around 2pm, with 90 minutes left to go in the bidding.  For those who were not able to attend, but would like to help out, a Go Fund Me page has been set up to help injured Sprint Car driver Jake Waters at:

Time to take a walk inside...

Folk mingle, and talk racing...  The race shop is super clean and super organized... And although I only get there a few times a year, it is always that way.

Billy's got a big block in this one... 


Rear suspension component by either Maxwell House or possibly Folgers.

Billy was meeting and greeting fans all day long.  Really a unique experience for fans of all ages to say hello outside of the intensity of the racetrack.

I knew I'd spend a lot of time up in the trophy room...  All 4 walls are lined with trophies, and framed photos that cover many years or Billy Sr's career.

Found this gem on the wall hiding behind a Grandview trophy.  It's Billy in his #15 Chevette at Flemington with Al Michalchuk on the outside (1977.)

Early original Pauch racer.  Pretty sure that Billy told me that this was originally the little Mustang bodied car that he ran rookies with at Flemington in 1975, that he then put on a Gremlin body and a new cage for the '76 season.  Billy really liked the looks of the Kenny Weld #91 which had just come out around that same time, so he painted it with the same theme as the Weld #91 (as pictured below.)

The car was restored by, and is now owned by Dave Everitt.

Somebody had asked a few weeks ago about the purpose of the handbrake.  As you can see in this picture, with the transmission in the center, unless you have "two left feet", it'd be pretty tough to work the clutch, gas and brake all at once without a handbrake!

Great chance to pick up some great wall art for the garage or mancave.

Time to head out...  Thank you to Barbara, Billy Sr., Billy Jr, and Mandee for having all of us over for a visit!

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