Phillipsburg Mall Show Photos
IRCO Dirt Track Heroes Car Show

(New Photos Added Below From March 13th)

Flemington Late Model Drivers Joe Inglin, Jimmy Wismer, Lee Taylor, Matt Slowinski, Gary Butler, Phil Cox...

#7Phil Cox gets interviewed by Ed Pados

#m14Matt Slowinski and #4D7Dean Carmen

Here's Dean again.. this time with #357 Mike Corcoran

"Circle 2" John McCaughey get's interviewed by Bob Stull.  John raced and built the potent late models of Stan Janiszewski and Bob Travagline

Speaking of Bob Travagline, that's "Bounty Bob" (#71X) on the right talking with strong late model, then dirt sportsman... then asphalt racer #17BPhil Cox.

Gary Butler is all set for 2010 with a small block and a big block...  Only problem is that I can't remember which is which?

Strong runner in the red #68 Late Model class at Flemington, Gary looks to have one of his best years in the modified division at New Egypt Speedway in 2010.

Gary's daughter Allyson #MISS 00, and son Jack in the #00Jr run Karts with the same color and # scheme.

Great to see the safety improvements that have been made inside today's modifieds.

...wasn't always that way!

...pretty sure this one will be driven by Bobby Butler at New Egypt Speedway

Really cool looking Micro's on hand... Here's the Liberty Discount Fuel sponsored #26 of Mike Caropolo

A few words on the inside deck of Kory Fleming's #704 for those looking down from above...

Ryan Polenz Legend car was a favorite of the smallest of fans, once they saw that it had a door that worked!

Good to see the entire Polenz team on hand.

Program Dynamic's Steve Barrick chats with Flemington Sportsman competitor #2 Dave Gunther at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society booth.

"Dirt Track Hero Models" from Mike Osborne

We liked the looks of them all, but really liked the body work on the Hager Falcon #43.

Speaking of cool looking Falcon's... Here's Jim Biehl's #7.

Good size crowd on hand - even with all the rain and wind outside making travel difficult...

...With all the time and effort putting into restoring old racecars, and getting them out where they can be seen, this might be the most important reason why!

Looks like the #B6 has a small block, and 70's Modified Driver #07 & #3aWyatt Jacobus under the hood!

"Internet Gold".... (We think we know who this is, but we promised not to reveal his secret identity...)

That's it from this year's Phillipsburg Mall Show - Great people, great conversations... Great job by Brett Deyo, The Pados' Brothers and IRCO Community Federal Credit Union and everyone who was involved in making the show happen.  Also, thanks to all those who made arrangements to have their cars on display.  Now that the shows are over, be sure to get out and support your local speedways in a big way in 2010!

(Photos Added Below From March 10th)

The "Billy O" #3 owned by Jeff Kuhl and Bob Banghart's original #B6 in the background...

...Speaking of Bob, we got to say hello -  That's him behind his original Falcon.

Here Fritz Epright chats with photographer Dave Pratt (dsp photoz)... Fritz is on my top 5 when it comes to the Kuhl era at Flemington....

NES Speedway Owner Bill Miscoski gets interviewed by Steve Pados... Bill talked about the successes of 2009, and outlined plans for 2010 at New Egypt

This one caught our eye...  Ryan Osborne's #38

Not sure who pilots this one, but we're pretty sure that its headed to New Egypt in 2010..

Speaking of New Egypt, 2009 Modified Champion Rick Laubach gets interviewed by Ed Pados

... Big thanks to show sponsor IRCO Community Federal Credit Union - Support those business that support our sport... Give IRCO a call at:  908-859-1811.

Ricky Yetter's cool green machine...

Modified driver Ricky Rutt and legendary car owner Dick Cozze stops by the "Cozze Coach", built by Bill & Billy Lowden

Check this out... Goop had artist Clark Angstadt create this unique work of art featuring many of Billy "The Kid's" rides, painted on the roof of a Modified!

...3 Wide at Phillipsburg Mall.

Here's a Few Photos From March 7th, 2010

The sunny weather might of kept some away, but many stopped by to check out what was going on in the mall...

Ken Brenn Jr get's interviewed at center stage...

Newt Hartman and Fred Dmuchowski looked like they were talking about some #24 and #303 moments...  That's Fred's wife Patti in the center.

Vault Favorite Bob Rossell gets interviewed by Bob Stull

Here's a vintage Carl Van Horn coupe

...the restored Bobby Pickell #300...

Great looking Gremlin owned by Henry Yeska, with a Buzzie Chevette in the background...

Here's Fred's original coupe... as last raced...  on display in the Flemington Speedway Historical Society booth

John Kumernitski's #63

John Bokros' #51 Late Model, with Goop's Flemington Pace truck in the background

The "Alperi White Phanton"

...The owner is looking for additional information on this car...  It's an original for sure!

"The Cozze Coach"

Jim Biehl's #7 and Kevin Eyres #126...  Great looking vintage rides..

Great to see Frankie on hand...

...and here's a few that'll be running in 2010:

Julia Larsen and Kurt Bettler will be splitting the driving chores on the #7L

Gary Butler has small block and big block power...  and if they don't work out, I guess he can give one of the Karts out front a try!

... We caught this guy checking out the doors on the #00...  (No Rick.. we do not have a tape measure !!!)

... "The Butler Did It"... in this case, it's Mike Butler

Willie Osmun is ready for opening day...

NES Sportsman driver Ryan Hoffman always liked the looks of the Norcia cars, so you can see the influence on his choice of colors...

...Word is that David Van Horn will be running at New Egypt Speedway in 2010

Mike Hendershot's #80 will be easy to see...  The white red and orange will look great on the track and it'll look great in victory lane in 2010 too!

Note:  For those heading up to the show this week, be sure to stop by either the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) booth (near JC Penney's), and/or by Bob and Dale Snyder's Photo and Video booth (directly across from center stage) and "sign in" for our 3Wide's Picture Vault T-Shirt Giveaway.  Sign in anytime between now and Saturday at 8pm and we'll pick one winner from the FSHS's sign in sheet and one from Bob and Dale Snyder's sheet.  We'll notify the winner by email, and then you can let us know your shirt size, and where you'd like the shirt to be sent.

Remember, look for the sign in sheet at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) booth and at Bob and Dale Snyder's Photo and Video booth
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Stop by and sign in at the FSHS and/or Snyder's Photo & Video booths anytime this week before Sat, March 13th at 8pm!

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