2013 Phillipsburg Mall Photos
March 10, 2013

Photographers Ace Lane Jr. and Harry Cella at work at the Strupp #24 display

Thomas Strupp (grandson of Sonny) will start his career this year running at Middletown

Billy "The Kid" Pauch's SpeedSTR

See Billy and lots of other big name modified drivers in SpeedSTR action at the Kutztown Fairgrounds this year

Johnny Leach #99

David Van Horn's #71

Lettering (as in paint and brush) by Dennis Smith - (He's been lettering Van Horn cars for decades!)

Brian Truppi's Northern Lights sponsored #02

The Black Horse rides again...

"Willie O"
...40 years later, history comes close to repeating itself as this time "Willie O" will be driving the Norcia #81, a ride his father "Billy O" drove in the early 70's

Willie will be driving this one at New Egypt and will have another "Black Horse #81" for special shows.

Jim Housworth drives the #31 Gibb Racing Slingshot...

...and also drives the McNichol Lawn and Property Maintenance sponsored #72 Sportsman. (Lettering by Scottie Kania)

Red and Black racecars are cool...

Black Boots.  John Cornell's Sportsman ride.

After years of being a top modified runner, Tim Tanner's going 305 racing in 2013.

"Work in Progress"

Frankie's front end

John Kumernitsky's #63

Ricky Yetter's very cool, and very bright #5 - (Sunglasses optional!)

Dave Witte's Quality Drywall #7

Cars, Sheet Metal, Signs and more from the Dorney Park display and the FSHS display filled this huge store area wall to wall.

Tribute to a great driver and everyone's favorite, Bob Pickell.

Bobby's rides - The Leopard Skin Coach and the Red, White and Blue Pinto

Cool open wheeler from long time Flemington and EWS (and Wall) racer Ray Liss

John Bokros's recreated #51 Sportsman

Great example of mid 70's technology with a Tobias frame and Gremlin quarter panels and a roof narrowed 9" just like the original.

Sharp looking purple and black asphalt racer

Green flames are cool...

...and the best sight of the day was of Frankie Schneider looking better than ever!.... (Somebody ought'a give this kid a quality ride!)

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