Phillipsburg Mall Photos
March 4th, 2012

Over the hood of the Jeff Hanna #63, at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display

...a step back in time with the 1932 "White Phantom"

Stan Ploski signs a poster at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display area with 60's/70's asphalt ace Johnny Bate in the red vest stopping by

Here's a better look at the Hanna #63

Ray LeMasters recently created "Andretti #7 Hudson.... Looks just like the real deal:


Good size crowd for the opening day of the show

"Get outta the way...Gary Hager's #44 looking at you...

Dave Witte's ride for 2012

...Dave Witte's ride from around 1985'ish?

The Mack Bulldog is back.

Kory Fleming's #704 "Trenton Mack" special's the inspiration for Kory's cool ride.  (Fritz Epright behind the wheel of the Trenton Mack owned #704 from the late 80's at Flemington.)

...just saw this one on eBay a few weeks ago

It's a real Bob McCreadie asphalt ride

...checking out the front view - Check out how narrow that cage is!

...and we found expert chassis fabricator and 1990's East Windsor racer Carl Bettinger checking it out too

Iron John (John Kumernitsky) #63

Billy Cannon Tribute car

John "Goop" Mondelli had the car finished up just in time for the show.

Red, White and Blue forever.... Frankie Schneider Sedan.

Speaking of Frankie, here Frankie says hello to long time family friend Bobby Pickell Jr.

Frankie, Diane and Darleen

Willie Osmun with a new look for 2012

...really nice looking ride

Kuhl is cool....

Beach Party anyone?

Good guy Mike Hendershot decided to focus on cubic fun instead of cubic $'s for 2012... It'll make things interesting in the Sportsman division at New Egypt in 2012!


Jim Housworth's #72 has a classy look to it for 2012

...and one of the best,  Scottie Kania did the lettering

Cream Ridge NJ's P.J. Oliver 'aint holding back in 2012... The #13xXx looks fast sittin' still.

Chris Grbac's smooth looking' Grbac/Carberry Racing #47

Dorney Park display

Billy Tanzosh's #4


Lot's of memorabilia to check out at this years show!

"Ready to Rumble"   The Cozze Coach...

Wild Will Butler's really cool, (and really creepy!) Micro Sprint

(... oh yea.. it's creepy!)

Carl VahHorn's #71E... (I think Carl told me once that he came up with the "E" because when he first showed up with a #71, there were 4 other #71's (#71a, #71b, #71c, #71d... so he became #71e!)

Here's a  later version of one of Carl's #71E cars (right), along with David Van Horn's 2012 #71 on the left. vinyl here... The car is lettered (paint) by Dennis Smith who has lettered some of our all time favorite cars throughout the last 4 decades!

Click Below for a few of Dennis' works from the past

The Pados Brothers kept the interviews going throughout the day.  Here Joe Poliachek ("Green Stuff") wraps up his interview with the guys

#1 for #1...  2011 Tri State Race Saver Sprint Series Champion Chris Allen will be back behind the wheel of the Grandinetti Racing #1

Ed Newhauser has one sharp looking Sprint car!

People were coming and going all day long at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display located inside a store

Ray Liss #10 is all smiles

Really cool photos...  Check out the John Reilly photo sequence of Ralph "Camel" Banghart flip of the #26, that was once the #026 driven by the late Jackie McLaughlin and the #26 of Bill Winter.

...speaking of "Camel" here's a car that he started working on in the 60's... amazingly, it remains in it's original "survivor" condition...  (Hey, what's with the old fuel tank on the right?)

... Something about it looks familiar....

...I knew I saw it somewhere before!

...a real survivor.

...word is that they are thinking about completing the project that was started over 45 years ago... but I think 'she looks just fine the way she is.

Big thanks to Jeff and Bryan Kuhl for trailer'n the Al Michalchuk #292 replica up to the show for us to have on display in the FSHS area.

....Window Shopping Part 1.

Window Shopping Part 2  (Not racing, but figured you'd guys would appreciate it anyhow.)

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