Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes Race Car Show
Photos from March 4th, 2018

Photos by 3Wide

Great display over in the Flemington Speedway Historical Society room.

Street legal door slammer

Original Mataka 3N1.  Last time I saw this one, Frankie was hot lapping at Flemington at a NOTARC gathering in 2003.

John Menzak's winning asphalt ride.

Dean Gulick #7D

Kenny's Pinto

Kenny's suspension...

Kenny's office.

Mataka's Maverick

A true barn find.

Rick Shive (Racer, Historian) on the left, and Wayne Coffey (Engine builder at Markovich Speed Shop) on the right...  Lots of racing knowledge here.

Bill Tanzosh's #4

Goop sighting

Original Dorney Park car with owner Ed Simon seated, and Dorney Park Historian Henry Wilt.

The Black Horse rides again... It's a looker, but I almost wanted to paint the wheels gold when nobody was looking!

40 plus years later, and it's still one of the coolest color combos for a racecar.

A Jack and a Jake.

That's photographer Rich Young (seated) whose images are featured in our "Forever Young Section."

Osmun #14

Sammy Martz #3

Bob and Dale Snyder had lots of folks checking out their photos, and racing DVD's
If you can't make it to the show, you can check out some of their offerings at:

Mulligan Built

Bobby Bachman, Kevin Eyres and Bill Wilson.

A Bob Rossell built Will Cagle driven coupe.'s the story (above)

Keeping it just as it is...

Good advice.

Kuhl Kar

Jim Housworth's #72

Carquest Colors, driven by Samantha Muller.

Cool coupe... Not sure what the old Sunoco Oil can was used for???

Wings are for airplanes....

Thanks IRCO Credit Union for your involvement in this year's Dirt Track Heroes Race Car Show!

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