Phillipsburg Mall 2016

Pictures from March 13, 2016

Familiar colors!

Cars... Uniforms, Body panels, lots of stuff on display at Tri-State Vintage.

Bruce Young's sedan - check out the old helmet too.

Rick Shive's ride.

Ace gets the shot...

Stan Ploski celebrates his "Dirt Track Heroes Grand Marshal" award with Ken Brenn Sr, Ken Jr and Ace.

Stan greets the fans.

Kenny Brenn signs a photo for a fan, while drivers Wyatt Jacobus, Phil Meisner, Gerald Chamberlain and Johnny Bate mingle.

Willie Osmun's #14

...and I think this one will be driven by Wille Osmun too.

Meme Desantis has been winning modified features for the past 5 decades - He'll be winning more this year in the Searock #26.

Mopar parking.

Nice display set up in front of Joe Opitz's #44 coupe.

Tex was a big part of the show for me back in the 60's & 70's at East Windsor and Flemington.

Now there's a racin name.

Gen II Camaro racer

Really nicely done modern vintage racer.

There's them Mopars again...

Time to eat!

Bryan Kuhl's New Egypt 358 racer

 "Small block under glass?"

Lenny Swider, Greg Collins and Joe Cryan - Couldn't get it done around here without these guys!

Saw "Mike Tidaback's" name on this one.

Vault favorite Sammy Martz

Stock cars new and old... drag cars... Lots to check out for sure.

Gary Bauer had this Billy Cannon #23 1/4 panel.  The fine print says "Official 1981 1/2 Flemington Legal Quarter Panel."

Cool Anglia drag car... along with open wheel racers and more at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display.

An original Paul Deasey #707 from around the '69 - 71 time period, restored to how it looked when Gerald Chamberlain and Stan Ploski drove it.

At some point, the #707 ended up as the George Turner driven #28.  It was then sold and to a new owner and driven as a blue & white #18.  The car is now owned b
y Dave Lounsbury.

A view from inside the #707.

..and another.

Lots of memories for Sharon and Paul Jr. at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display as both are reunited with the car originally built and owned by their father, Paul Deasey Sr.

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