Phillipsburg Mall 2017
Pics by 3Wide
Pictures from March 5, 2017
Show runs now through Saturday March 11th - Head on over to the P'Burg Mall and check it out!

Street legal

Flemington Speedway Historical Society display.

A look from "inside" this open wheeler...

A look from the "underside" of the Big Donkey.

...Where there's smoke... there's stripes!  (Lloyd Enterprises 1979 House Car - Driven by Smokey Snellbaker.)

Open wheel display

Here's one that said it was originally from the 50's.

Stan's got the point lead!

Dave Kelly Sprint

Here's the folks and sponsors that made it possible.  Friend of The Vault Don Hoffmann worked on this one too.

Tri-State Vintage display.  (That's Andrea Norcia talking with long time "Norcia" driver, Sammy Beavers.)

Johnny Leach car built by Bruce Berger, now owned by Bob Hall.

Black Horse Racing #81

Real Les Katona #K3 - Ready to run, and for sale:  908-72I - 8I83

Books, photos, videos... Lot's to check out at the Bob & Dale Snyder display.

Stop by and see Bob and Dale - Located directly across from Foot Locker.

Sammy Martz, with sponsorship from Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, SPI Transports Systems, Forever Flowers, and Vault sponsor "Joy Auto Parts!"

Steve Davis' car was making me hungry....

Photographer John John Lane, #59 (Tad Cox's car) crew chief Rich Reinhart, and race driver Willie Osmun.

Jason Kosch's sharp looking ride for 2017.

Pretty sure this one will be driven by Willie Osmun.

....and this one too!

These guys make "The Vault" a much more interesting place...  (L-R) photographer Jack Kromer, Joe "Sparky" Cryan, and photographer Rich Young.

The Pados brothers interview Jack Zeiner as folks listen to some great racing stories.

Trunk lid off of Vince Cannizzaro's #41C, provided to George Garies by the Cannizzaro Family, who provided it to the FSHS for display.

Eye catcher

Bryan Kuhl's 2017 modified.

"Low Rider!"

Jim Housworth will be running the first event at New Egypt, and will then run weekly at Grandview.

"Old School" Late Model.  That's Billy Jr showing his son some of the cool cars on display.  (Grandfather Bill says, "He likes steering wheels already!")

Gary Hager is listed as the driver, but that number, and the display board behind the car tells me that Sammy Beavers is involved!

Many of Sammy's rides through the years...

Familiar racing name on the front of this one...  I'm told that this is Jack Butler, son of Gary Butler... whose dad also drove a #5 back in the 60's. 

Stan Hawk's vintage coupe

Nice display of "TAS Awards" at the FSHS display.

Vault thanks to Rick Shive for putting us on the nose of his Kart...  With that placement, I'm wondering if we'll make it through the first week!

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