Phillipsburg Mall 2017
Photos by 3Wide
Pictures from March 10, 2017

"The Legends Of Racing" Honoring Modified Legend Sammy Beavers for His Great Career in Racing.

Steve Pados, Ed Pados and Bob Stull MC'd the event held.  That's Sammy (left) in the plaid shirt, talking to Modified/Sprint Champion Gary Gallub.

"They're' up there...."  (Ace reminds me where the action is!) 

Great to see legendary racing photographer Ace Lane Jr. at the ceremony to honor his friend Sammy Beavers.  Sammy told the story of how in the 70's, photographers were taking pictures of him, and it had gotten to where they were even taking pictures of him and his dog, and selling them...  Sammy wasn't really comfortable about that....  Ace asked Sammy what they could do together since folks wanted pictures of him...  Sammy said that you can take my pictures, but at the end of the year, provide part of the $'s to the Matheny School..... And that's where it all began!

Sammy, Ace... along with Mike Grbac and columnist Ken Kuhlman would take that spark and turn it into something that no one could have expected.  Here it is over 45 years later, and the racing community continues to support the Matheny School... Something that never would have happened if it wasn't for the conversation decades earlier between Sammy and Ace, and the idea that came from it.

Gary Gallub, Sammy Beavers and Roger Laureno. 

Gary and Sammy shared a few painful stories about recovering from injuries sustained on the track.... They also shared stories of driving at Nazareth National, and about how much speed you could carry through the tunnel turn if everything was working right. 

Roger shared a story about how when he was just starting out, and was visiting Norcia Truck in North Brunswick NJ with his friend Ronnie Schron.  Ronnie's father George was one of the guys behind the success of the #81, and a young Roger Laureno decided he wanted to go racing... and because of his friendship with the Schron's, was able to gather up some used up parts and pieces from the Norcia shop.  With a lot of determination and effort, Roger and his crew were able to make his first car (a former black/white/gold #81 coupe.)  Roger told us all how on one of those trips to the Norcia shop, Sammy Beavers just happened to walk in one night.... and Roger couldn't believe that there he was... in person...  SAMMY BEAVERS! 

It was a moment that Roger never forgot, and some 40 years later, was able to tell Sammy in person at the Phillipsburg event.

Sammy is all smiles after receiving this original of the Fodor #13, from artist Charlie Lindmar (delivered by Charlie's good friend Tommy Vroom.)

Harmony Speedway Historian Greg Collins gets to say hello to the winner of the first feature event ever (1963) at Harmony, Sammy Beavers!
Thank you to IRCO and Greg's efforts in supporting the event, and for all they do for short track racing.

Sammy is very much involved in today's racing, with this just completed #94 above, which Sammy designed and built.

Roger Laureno takes a look at the unique rear suspension under the Beavers #94.

Sammy and Roger talk shop...  Sammy is looking for a motor for this car... Contact Sammy (or email us here at The Vault) if interested in supporting the #94 in 2017!)

Good to see #8 Wilbur Force and #xXx Nate Strunk who were also on hand to honor fellow racer Sammy Beavers.

Sammy and Fritz Epright - Think about the all the different cars that these two great chauffeurs have driven through the years!

For a closer look at some of Sammy's rides, click on the link below:

Great to see Sammy honored at this year's event.  Sammy is an all time favorite for sure, and a winner every step of the way.

Thank you to all the great folks that made the 2017 Dirt Track Heroes Race Car Show such an enjoyable event!

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