Photographs From Our Visit to the Reading Fairgrounds

August 9th, 2005



Harry Garber of Boyertown Pennsylvania won the 15 lap Reading Fairgrounds Sweepstakes last Tuesday evening, August 9th, before 1200 race fans at the New Reading Fairgrounds Speedway. It marked the first time since 1979 that the Modified Legends took to a Reading Speedway.

Garber started the Slingshot event in 6th place but was moved up to the pole position before one lap was completed because of Spins and crashes. After that it was smooth sailing as Garber led all 15 laps. Bruce Young of Blandon did his best to stay with Garber but cound muster no better then second place. Alan Carter, Fleetwood, came from last to 3rd. The "Mighty Man from Mertztown", Earl Derr finished 4th with Bob Eppiheimer., Reading taking the fifth spot. Johnny Kozak , Shillington finished 6th and Former track champions Russ Smith, Reading and Frankie Schneider, Lambertville, NJ finished 7th and 8th. Out of the 12 car field before one lap for crashes or mechanical problems were Ed Farley, Freddy Adams, Curt Weller and Davey Marburger.

Ryan Smith picked up the $1,000 first place money in the 40 Lap Slingshot Feature.

More then 50 Modified/Flathead/Sprint drivers, owners and mechanics showed up for the 2 day event. Notables were Leigh Earnshaw, Van May, Frankie Schneider, Walt Olsen, Flat head driver from 1956 Calvin Calp, Gary Wolford, Charlie Baily, George Hudick, Al Consoli, Chris Skais, Warren Mutter, Shorty Kershner, Whity Kershner, Bobby Hersh car owner Jerry Burkert, Ronnie Blatt,

More then 40 Slingshot were entered 24 Slingshots took the Green on Tuesday evening for the 40 lap main eveny. $50 was paid to take the green.  Track preparation was done by former flathead driver and Shellheimers promoter Dave Cordier.  Galen Kohler and Mike Feltenberger handled the Flags.   Vince Vicari and Freddy Adam gave the nod for "Gentleman, Start your Engines".  The National Anthem was played to the standing room crowd only with the last flag to fly over the old fairgrounds flying high above the announcers booth.  Show was promoted by J & J Promotions. Volunteer workers were from the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Soceity.  Plans are under way to enlarge the track for next years race.  Alan Carter, Son of Rags Carter was the chairperson to handle entrys for the event.

Dick Quallio drove the pace car for the event. The Pace Car was Dick's Ford Mustang # 4 that was on display as a former Reading Modified. The car was removed from Quallio's garage several years ago just as it finished the last race at the old Reading Fairgrounds

More then 30 active members shared duties for the week at the Reading Fair with such jobs as feeding all the guest, manning the mobil trailer, giving tours of the 15 cars on display, and any other projects that arose.  Diz Dean, (former Modified driver) ran a special auction to raise money for a member of the club in need.  Mike Grim, Club President, helped water track, set up announcers booth, lights and any thing else you could think of. He was a "Jack of all Trades".  The Farigrounds Club is expanding rapidly and plans are under way to start a fund to build a permanant Museum.

For futher information on the club contact:
Ken Johnson, Vice President/ Publicity Director
117 North 4th Street
Hamburg, PA 19526


08.09.05_READ_004_Qualio_2.jpg (188241 bytes)
Dick Qualio paces the field in his original #4 Modified.

08.09.05_READ_004_Adam.jpg (112705 bytes)
Freddie Adam enjoys a night at the races.

08.09.05_READ_Adam_1.jpg (161097 bytes)
Later, with helmet on, Freddy Adam awaits the start of the Legends Feature

08.09.05_READ_004_Schneider_1.jpg (145643 bytes)
Frankie Schneider looking for the "Move 'em Out" signal

08.09.05_READ_11X_Schneider_1.jpg (194310 bytes)
Frankie back on the track for the 6th decade...

Many other Legends were in attendance....

08.09.05_READ_004_Ernshaw_1.jpg (173198 bytes)
Leigh Earnshaw interviewed by Warren Ruffner

08.09.05_READ_004_Legends_3.jpg (116566 bytes)
Driver Ray Neary and Car Owner Freddy Menschner (still taking about the days in the silver #21 coupe... And rightfully so as the car came out of the box strong in '70 with wins at Harmony and East Windsor.... but never a win a Reading....)

08.09.05_READ_004_Legends_2.jpg (112096 bytes)
Walt Olsen and Gary Gallob listen to Warren on the Mike

08.09.05_READ_004_Legends_1.jpg (182170 bytes)
Larry Voss, Walt Olsen, Jr. Mikosz, Fred Menschner, Ray Neary do some bench racing prior to the Slingshot action.

08.09.05_READ_081_Olsen.jpg (174884 bytes)
Yup... It's Really a Weld.  Walt Olsen's beautiful 1978 Weld #81.

08.09.05_READ_01_Mustang.jpg (193576 bytes)
Great looking little Mustang.

08.09.05_READ_GRAUL_1.jpg (149918 bytes)
Artist David Graul had a few of his classics on display for all to enjoy.  (You just can't stop looking at them!.)

08.09.05_READ_067_saved.jpg (189931 bytes)
Found in a field....

08.09.05_READ_747_Sling.jpg (216029 bytes)
Edison Generator well represented with Micheal Carman behind the wheel.  We are told that brother Matthew Carman races the 2 Slingshot too!

017_Award.jpg (103981 bytes)
Pole award  presentated by Rich Tobias Jr to Bob Sandt Sr.and driver Bobby Sandt Jr.

08.09.05_READ_023_Sling.jpg (172427 bytes)
Winner of one of the events on the newly created clay surfaced speedway.

08.09.05_READ_11X_Sling.jpg (152080 bytes)
Tossing the #11X into one....

08.09.05_READ_82X_Sling.jpg (202493 bytes)
Down the Front...

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