Photographs From Ralph Richards

Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC) Visits Bridgeport Speedway Sept 3rd, 2005

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_5.jpg (80166 bytes)
Coupes.. Gremlins.. Pintos... the way it should be!

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_3.jpg (78329 bytes)
Ken Pullen #50, Sportsman Legend and (all around good guy) Ray Liss #10 and (not sure about the #29...)

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_4.jpg (82289 bytes)
More Vintage Cars on Display Behind the Main Grandstand

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_2.jpg (92127 bytes)
Woody Nyce in the Restored Randy Bok #2 (Naz Sportsman Champion) along side of John "Goop" "PorkRoll" and/or "Oscar the Grouch" in the #15 Pauch Appreciation Special!

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_7.jpg (66870 bytes)
Almost makes you feel like it's the mid 70's once again!

BP5_Richards_09.03.05_6.jpg (88475 bytes)
Paul Weaver in brother Wayne's #12W stages on the inner 1/4 with a few friends...

BP5_Richards_09.03.05.jpg (71192 bytes)
"Into the Night"

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