A Few Photographs From Our Visit to The Legends of The Fall at New Egypt Speedway on Sept 24th, 2005

09.24.05_Crowd.jpg (92391 bytes)
Yup... I'd say a lot of people enjoyed the Legends gathering...

09.24.05_SIGNING.jpg (71241 bytes)
Bob Rossell, Bob Pickell, Ken Brenn Jr, and Gil Hearne (behind Ken) signed cards, photos, programs, shirts...

09.24.05_Horton.jpg (65924 bytes)
Jimmy Horton laughs at a picture from his rookie season in an old AARN Pictorial

09.24.05_HEARNE.jpg (67885 bytes)
Gil Hearne says a few words....

09.24.05_BRENN.jpg (74723 bytes)
Nick Leach interviews fan favorite Ken Brenn Jr.

09.24.05_Rossell.jpg (65124 bytes)
Bob Rossell reminds us about a time when a smooth driver, who used his head, could earn a living in this sport for some 20 years!

09.24.05_NOR_LOW_081.jpg (94172 bytes)
"John Likes It!" John Norcia gives the "OK" sign as Bill Lowden (builder of the "New" 81) proudly looks on.

09.24.05_081_COZ.jpg (81346 bytes)
Lettering by COZ captures the real feel of the #81

09.24.05_Spurlin.jpg (65551 bytes)
Even in the dark, Spurlin's #42 looks good!

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