Photographs From Ace Lane Jr's "Quick Stop" by the Legends of the Fall Event at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday, September 24th, 2005

note: We'd like to thank Ace for taking the right turn down Rt 539 to join us early in the event at the Legends of the Fall show prior to heading over to Wall Stadium where he is the track photographer.  (After all, could it really be a "Legends" event if Ace wasn't there?)

09.30.05_ACE1.jpg (88878 bytes)
Fabricator, Artist,  and "Restorer of Many Memories" Bill Lowden debuted his latest project...  The Norcia #81!

09.30.05_ACE2.jpg (89546 bytes)
John Approved!   (That's John Norcia standing next to the "New" 81.)  Both John and Pat Norcia were grinning ear to ear at the site that welcomed them both as they entered the speedway.)

09.30.05_ACE3.jpg (98643 bytes)
Ace approved!  (That's Ace Lane Jr next to the car builder Bill Lowden... next to the "Ace Lane Photo's Logo.)   The lettering by Coz is incredible on this car - When you got it, well... you got it... and COZ still HAS it!  (The extra effort to have this car lettered in time for the show was appreciated by all!)

09.30.05_ACE4.jpg (87349 bytes)
As parked in 1969...  The original... and we mean very original Hoop Schiable #95 was a hit with all!

09.30.05_ACE5.jpg (98382 bytes)
The real deal....

09.30.05_ACE6.jpg (79772 bytes)
Mirror driving??

09.30.05_ACE7.jpg (90506 bytes)
What??? No Radio.....? 

09.30.05_ACE8.jpg (90699 bytes)
We just couldn't stop looking at it....

09.30.05_ACE9.jpg (72195 bytes)
....know what happens when a guy who raced from the 50's thru the 80's sees an old racecar?

09.30.05_ACE10.jpg (77025 bytes)
....He wants to race it!  After a little encouragement, We we were able to get Legend guest Bob Pickell to see what it was like to be back in the cockpit of a 60's Modified... 

Thanks to all involved in having the #95 at the event...  Former competitors spoke of Hoop with a lot of stories from on and off the track.  Many fans told us that Hoop was their all time favorite and how seeing this car reminded them of all of many special moments.!

09.30.05_ACE11.jpg (85148 bytes)
Bob Pickells!

09.30.05_ACE12.jpg (68319 bytes)
Even these two were speechless!  (That's announcers Pete Wortman and Nick Leach prior to the event looking through an old Flemington Speedway program prior to the start of the event.)


09.30.05_ACE14.jpg (75286 bytes)
Ken Brenn Jr. looks over a few photos that we put together... of the Sportsman Coupe #24II, the Grant King Gremlin #24, the Trenton Mack #74, the Stashluk #71...  you get the idea!
Looking like he could still get out there and add to his impressive win total (4th on Flemington's All Time Winner's List), When asked by many on hand if he might consider returning to competition...., Ken assured us that when he stepped out for the last time, he did it on his terms... and without looking back. 
One of the smoothest drivers ever, who fans showed last night that he is still their favorite - Ken Brenn Jr.

09.30.05_ACE13.jpg (79413 bytes)
The Best - Gil Hearne. 

When it comes to Legends, Gil deservedly is at the top of everyone's list. 

All Photo's are the property of Ace Lane Jr.   Please contact Ace to purchase high quality, long lasting original color prints.

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