Pumpkin Run 2021

November 6th, 2021
Images from 3Wide

Early morning at Pumpkin Run 2021

Bruce Bowen's restored Weikert's #29

Bobby Braxton driven Weld Modified

Great looking Ray Liss built Sprint car

Bat Out'ta Syracuse!

Harry Fleming shares a moment with Stan!

Jimmy Horton, Harry Fleming Will & Barbara Cagle, Gary Balough and Stan Ploski

"Let the bench racing begin...."  Jimmy & Gary share some racing moments, and I overheard Stan and Will talking about the time Will filled in for Stan one night because Stan was at a wedding.

Letter'd up Hudson

Now this is what I'd call a "mini-sprint."

Tiny running Hemi

Time to head into one of two museum buildings dedicated to the history of South Jersey short track racing (Pleasantville, Atco, Alcyon, Vineland, Bridgeport and more.)

Remembering the amazing innovative car builder/owner.... the late Tom Skinner

...photos, trophies, parts...

..here's a uniform from the short lived Tuckerton NJ speedway

Signed helmet collection

Check out some of the names....

.... and even more...

#825 of Ralph Brochard

South Jersey vintage coupe

This one belongs to Alice & Frank Drogan

"Jim Hawkes 61"

...time to go look at some show cars that made the drive to Harry's

Expen$ive bird

This one just kind of grabs you by the throat...

Rare 2 door mid 60's wagon

...one for the Ford guys... All original.

Turbo 6

Chevy short bed

Sharp Studebaker

300 4X4

Stock 340 'Cuda....  'Wonder how much it cost?"


I was pleasantly surprised to find a survivor 6cyl under the hood of this '69 Camaro

Just the right amount of altitude and attitude.

How did this one ever survive?  Rare Pontiac for sure.

Nice day to take a stroll through the woods and look at rows and rows of cool rides

check out the license plate on the Mustang

67 Firebird

When sheet metal started replacing real bodies on modifieds, I think some 80's Modified owners claimed this was what they were going for:  Olds Cutlass hatchback.

Folks enjoying their day at Pumpkin Run

Pretty rough..

...but if it's an original Superbird, does it really matter?

Tower of hubcaps.... Only at Harrys.

Time to head over to the other display areas of the show

Hit And Miss Engines

Customized cedar shingles

'49 Nash

Big Rig display area

...Hey, that looks like Jersey Jon from the TV show "American Pickers."

Turns out it was Jersey Jon.  Shared a little Barnegat NJ history (where I lived for a while as a kid.)   Jon is known as an expert in early 1900's motorcycles, and has an Antique and Restoration Shop in the old bank building in Barnegat.  Very interesting guy, and was nice enough to stop and chat for while.

The Flea Market area was packed...

...and so was the inside of this Chevy!

...when the full size versions are a little too pricey.

...this is more my style (and price range).

Yup... they can really be played.

Still my all time favorite rims...  They make any old Chevy look cool!

There were a few bargains if you knew what you were looking for.

With the smell of steak sandwiches in the air, there was quite a line at Ribeye's.

The Zeppoli and Panini truck was doing a great business too

...and seemed everyone wanted a commemorative Pumpkin Run 2021 T-shirt

... checking out a few more show cars on my way back to the racecar/museum area

Cab Over Engine... Very rare

Speaking of rare... Aero Monte


First you got'ta think it... Then you got'ta build it.

Flemings Auto Parts 3 Wheeler

Very famous South Jersey racing name

Current Bridgeport Street Stock racer Tom Wills Sr.

Lot's of smiles when Tony Siscone is around

Didn't know there were any Maverick's left!

There's that Chevy short bed again....  Possibly my favorite of the show.

... but I liked this one too...

Who needs paint?...  Get it running... Make sure it stops.... Get some wheels and fat tires, and put some miles on it!  Another really cool Chevy short bed.

Twin Turbo Rat

GSVSCC's Larry Housman gives a wave

NJ bay Garvey.  I used to love going to the Garvey races when I was a kid at the Barnegat dock for the 4th of July, back in the late 60's. Super cool.

Clean Chevy II

Rare R/T

No frills!

One of the best days of the year....  Thank you to Harry Fleming and his staff for another great Pumpkin Run!

NOTE:  Special thanks to Bob Horner and Nick Marcigliano for the great conversation while the cars were leaving, sharing some great unique car knowledge as the parade of cars went by.

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