2011 Pumpkin Run
Fleming's Auto Parts - Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
November 5th, 2011
All photos from 3Wide

It's not even 10am and cars have already been funneling in for hours...

...with the feeling of autumn all around, the weather couldn't have been better.

..'didn't count but there had to be at least 25 vintage stock cars...  Here's the Cozze coach, and Ralph Brochard's #30 on the other side of the lane.

Here's a mid 60's Sprinter owned by Craig Paterson and the "Pete Frazee #68 in the background

#16J of Elton Hildreth.... Elton himself was on hand for most of the day too.

The Weld #91... and the "Out Welded - Weld" Dornberger #99.... together for the first time.

Original cars - true survivors.

Bridgeport Speedway Outlaw Stock Driver and Flemings Auto Parts right hand man Rick Brochard was sportin' his official Pumkin Run Headgear

Sal Moschella says hello to Racing Historian Russ Dodge

Here's two from the 60's...

...and a few more from the 60's

...here's a few from the 70's

The Cozze Coach looked so good, I had to take another picture...  One of the great vintage cars built by Bill and Billy Lowden (Bath, PA)

...not sure if I'd seen this one before...  (best thing to ever happen to a Vega!)

"Check the oil please"

Outlaw Stocks

Big Marty had the former Maynard Troyer/Gill Hearne driven #17"Bandit" on display.  It's a beauty.

Driven mostly by Billy Osmun and Meme Desantis, the Sonny Dornberger #99 was also driven briefly by Billy Pauch in the late 70's.

Time to "fire up" the #659 GMC 6 cylinder

... and like they say, "where there's smoke..."

...you know the rest!

Time to check out some of the show cars and street rods

Acres and acres of some of the best "iron" from all decades

Walk the show row by row... or just kinda follow your feet.  There's so much to see, that I don't think it's possible to see it all...

Skull Ghosts

... Talk about a survivor... here's a mid 70's Mustang - with its stock V8.   (Most smog engine mid 70's cars didn't make it into the 80's!)

"It aint easy being green..."  Probably my favorite... '70 Monte Carlo with a big block

... Here's a couple from a few decades earlier

Always liked how the passenger compartment is 2 feet narrower than the rest of the car on the late 60's Charger

Classic Ford Coupe

Mad Max?  Rat Roddin' at its finest...

Now that Halloween's over, you gotta find something to do with all those pumpkins, right?....

...Just be careful where you park!

12 noon and still more cars make there way in.  This time, a great looking '56 Chevy

...and this cool looking Coupe that reminded me of ZZ Top.

The guys from Picker's would love this place

This little guy was having a great time checking out all the great looking cars

Foot traffic was getting pretty heavy... Time to get airborne...

Rick from Yoos Expert Tree Service offers to give us a "lift".

Old cars... and old signs

Ralph Brochard's #825 '57 Chevy and the Flemings House Car, the Will Cagle #24

Chopped Top...  Check out the cool little miniature Sprinter on the table...

"Trust Your Car to The Man That Wear's the Star"

...Jersey Diner

Cars as far as the eye can see... in every direction.

...cars everywhere.

in the field.... and even rows and rows under the trees off to the right

Corvettes... Sedans... Chevy II's, Camaros, Trucks... even a boat tail Riv!

...it's about as American as you can get.

Kettle Corn on the left...  motorcycles straight ahead, and big trucks off to the right

All time Wall Stadium Feature Winner Gil Hearne, Multi-Time Wall Sportsman Champion Kevin Eyres and Vintage and Outlaw driver Big Marty V.

The Flea Market/Swap Meet area was jumpin'

Lot's of stuff to check out and that's exactly what everybody was doing!

How about a Rib Eye or Chicken Sandwich on a Garlic Roll?

Tractors... Hit and Miss Engines

...and it all works.   Makes you think about the early ingenuity that helped to make this country what it is

Race boats including "Fast Times" and the "Kiss" Jersey Skiff

Here's the view from the other side

Convertible Dodge, 55 Chevy, 71 Chevelle, '57 Chevy... and more

A "Flamin' Fifty Seven looks pretty cool under the tower

Still more to see...

Here's a unique perspective of this very cool sounding truck...  Check out the back tires...

Lot's to enjoy... Something for everyone

"Fire in the Hole"... (well, not exactly since it's air powered but the results are the same!)...Looks like a few more holes in the trailer thanks to the Pumpkin Air Cannon..

...if you venture out the southeast of the property, you'll find the final resting place for some pretty neat old iron... We'll have to check it out when we get back down to the ground level.

Now that's a BIG BOAT!

Souvenir cedar shingles... custom made on site.

Big Rigs

Big Pete!

There goes Harry... 

Long time friend to many a local racer who needed parts to get their battered racer back on track, Harry is in constant motion on the day of the big show!

Classics... Cruisers.... even a hearse.

Everybody loves checking out the #659...  Yup, it's a 6 cylinder... but what a "six" it was...

...Everyone has fun at the Pumpkin Run...  Here's two asphalt mods...

...and here's 2 for the dirt.  Lots of friendships renewed at The Pumpkin Run.

Coupes and sedans...

The afternoon sun shines down between the trees... Time to get back down on the ground....

Thanks again to Yoos Expert Tree Service (609-927-7185) for the unique view of Pumpkin Run.

Former Tom Mauser driven #45 Vega

Big thanks to Kevin Eyres for making sure the #292 had a ride to and from The Pumpkin Run

A time to see friends...  Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)'s Ray Shea and Tony Siscone

Bob Rossell with Craig Paterson alongside Craig's restored #92.

Fans got to say hello to many Pleasantville drivers who took time to sign a custom poster created just for the event.

Racing friends are forever, and the Pumpkin Run is a great place for friends to catch up.

"The Music Machine"

"GMC 6"

...Inside the Texeco Station we found all kinds of OLD garage stuff... Tools..., Shop Equipment..., Old Coke Bottles... 

... There used to be one of these in every gas station...  Somehow this one avoided the scrap heap.

Speaking of older neat stuff...  You never know what you'll find in the Flea Market area

Found a couple of old "Brownie" cameras.

Probably not very aerodynamic, but it pins the cool meter for sure....

Time to check out the mower/tractor pulls

Competitors line up for their chance to try to make a "Full Pull"

This little guy took the sled a long way down the track...

A trip to the Pumpkin Run for me isn't complete without taking time to walk around the old iron...

Nose outta joint...

...I know what you're thinking...

Weathered Merc.

Skeleton '57

Chevelle, Thunderbird.. Javelin... with possibly a late 60's Plymouth on top....

2nd generation Camaro

Yellow... blue... but mostly rust as the elements reclaim what we temporarily borrowed....

A Flatbed towing a Tow Truck

Here's the old Charlie Lindmar driven coupe that Lee Allen bought after finding in a barn where it had been since the late 60's....

Old couple body draped over an older asphalt frame.

Thank you Rick and Ralph Brochard for inviting us down to Pumpkin Run....

...and thanks to all that displayed their cars, their trucks... their tractors, their boats... and to all that make Pumpkin Run a "Can't Miss" event year after year.
See you in 2012!

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