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"Legends of the Fairgrounds"
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Here's page 1 of our photo recap from our Aug 8th visit!

003blacklely.jpg (127309 bytes)
Bright and shiny, the #3 once driven by John Blakely just in front of the Weld Walt Olsen's #91

adam8.jpg (142351 bytes)
...not as bright and shiny, but the sheet metal still stirs the memories!

19brightside.jpg (138197 bytes)
As original as it gets.

19bright.jpg (135501 bytes)
Still has that built in lean to the left...

19back.jpg (143082 bytes)
...Center steer NOT!  We can still picture Kenny at the wheel of this one!

fredbright.jpg (131174 bytes)
They removed the red Tony Hirshman paint and found Freddy Brightbill's yellow #13 underneath...

29weld.jpg (167785 bytes)
Beautiful Weikert's Livestock Sprint driven by Paul Pitzer and Kenny Weld

707shirt.jpg (99338 bytes)
The shirt that will always be in fashion...  an original Deasey #707 Crew Shirt

Group.jpg (173003 bytes)
Gathering of some of Reading's Favorites! (Bob Braxton, Freddy Adam, Leigh Earnshaw, Glenn Fitzcharles, Earl Derr, Red Coffin, Jim Keppley, Ed Farley, Frankie Schneider.. just to name a few.  We also saw Ronnie Guinther, Archie Myers, Gary Galob, Kenny Brightbill and Blane Saddler while at the show.

myerfitzkepp.jpg (127497 bytes)
Archie Myers, Glenn Fitzcharles and Jim Keppley

redearl.jpg (104532 bytes)
Red Coffin and Earl Derr

Track.jpg (120038 bytes)
1/5th mile dirt track is readied for Kart and Slingshot action.. They're racing again in Reading!

crowd.jpg (161349 bytes)
A packed house, as many found their seats early prior to the start of the evenings events.

slow.jpg (122977 bytes)
Slow?....Maybe in the pits, but not on the track!

kartfair.jpg (131879 bytes)
With the Fair, the RSCA Trailer, and the stands filled to capacity as a backdrop, the karts took to the track.

racingkart.jpg (115324 bytes)
The karts looked great on the 1/5th mile...  A late race restart was all the yellow #19 needed...

kartwinnner.jpg (112075 bytes)
See what we mean?  Congratulations to the winner


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