Reading Fairgrounds Mall Show - The Return of Alley Racing

"Something old, something new..."

"... a store full of racecars..."

"...and one that's Tobias' Blue!"

For Barry at B&B Machine... (Figure she could use the exposure since nobody's heard of her...)

A survivor

Ed Shaub's ( )  Slingshot...  Thanks for the free press Ed.

Alley Racing practice... Check out the 50' long track and the "very functional" purple shutdown area.

Who would have thought that a few back in the day "Alley Racing Photos" sent to The Vault by Jan Garl (that's Jan above) would lead to to this!

People of all ages took time to check out the action

A look at the top...

...and a look at the bottom.

Artist David Allen Graul takes a look at his brother's Alley Racer, a #44 Al Tasnady racer that's been in a box for the last few decades!

Brian Zawaski and his brother make some last minute changes on the #47.  (Is that Skip Dyrda's #34?)

This young participant was making quite a few practice runs with his yellow and white sedan

The view from the top of the hill...

Huge thanks go out to the guys (Steve, Keith, Gary ad Mike) that were responsible for building the track, setting up the track, and maintaining excellent racing conditions all week long.

Let's see... a few I recognize are Bobby Allen, Red Coffin, Kenny Weld, Dave Kneisel, ... Real "functioning" works of art!

Looks like Kenny Brightbill in the #57 on top of the box, and if that's the duck on the trunk (white coupe), I'm guessing that's Jackie Hamilton's #6 too.

Looks like a tire change on the #54...

You gotta have some spare parts if you're gonna Alley Race...  (By the way, that white car is the KINGMRF "Camera Car!")

Custom build model turned functional Alley Racer!

Here's some more beaut's...  Check out the Tobias #17 and the Brenn #24...and...and..  (Really cool stuff.)

Still working on the sedan...

"Masters of Ceremonies", "Director of Competition", "Race Director".... and "Guy That Didn't Get Much Sleep This Week".... Mike Feltenberger holds up a custom made plaque to be awarded to the winner.

Want to go Alley Racing?  Here's the bare necessities...

...And here's where to get your Alley Racing Supplies:  Ott's Hobbies - 536 North 10th Street - Reading, PA  - 610-373-8735

8.0 ounces right on the button...

One sleek looking racer, complete with driver...

...more exhibition runs

Almost time for the Features...  Word is that there were close to 100 people in the area to witness the features

The "Big Donkey" pointing skyward as the camera car catches the action at track level

...time to line them up again for another heat race

Looks like the Batmobile has the early lead as the #47 of Brian Zawaski gets on his lid!

...Rearrange the order, and send them down the track again.  That's how Alley Racing works.

Thanks to all involved in putting this event together.  Special mention to Mike Feltenberger and to the track builders (Steve, Keith, Gary ad Mike), and to all the guys that either dug out their old alley racer from back in the day, or those that created cars to participate in the event.  There's something "grassroots" about this sport and something that is universal, whether you're "4" or "84"...  It's something that brothers can do, Fathers and sons... Fathers and daughters...  I wasn't able to stay for the feature events, but I can tell you that there was a lot of smiles, and win, lose or wheels up... there were a lot of people having a great time.

From what I hear, the final event came down to a photo finish with the Deasey #707 just getting to the line ahead of the #54 of Bobby Gerhart, followed by the Bullock #76 (Freddy Adam) finishing 3rd.

Hope to see more Alley Racing in the future.

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